Halloween makeup how to

Here we have for you our top 10 Halloween makeup how to videos on YouTube! Are you still deciding how to dress for a Halloween party? Halloween makeup is good when it looks real and when it's clear to others what it's supposed to impersonate. With this Halloween makeup ideas you will be the creepiest woman in the house! On YouTube we've collected the 10 best and not so hard to do makeup tutorials. You might need some practice but with the results you will freak everybody out!

1. The seductive vampire

Create this seductive vampire look if you want to be dark and hot. Every guy will be hypnotized by you and willing to give you his blood!





2.The easy last minute scar

Do you have no time left for a flashy outfit? Don't worry, this scar is made in 5 minutes and you wouldn't distinguish it from a real one!




3. The zombie look

With this zombie look you look like you've just came out of a scary movie or out of your grave..





4. The Silenced girl

Our fourth Halloween makeup how to video shows how to create a sewn mouth. With this look you will scare everybody and you'll make sure that nobody discovers your dark secret...





5. The pensil stuck in your head

With this pencil you add just a little bloody detail, but it looks so real and freaky that we had to put this one on the list!




6. The missing eye

This look freaked even us out! It is easy to do and has a huge effect. keep in mind that you can only see with one eye tonight.





7. The classic skeleton

The make up for this look will take some more effort to apply but you will feel horribly great when walking down the streets representing the dead himself!





8. The witch

Our next Halloween makeup how to video shows how to create a witch. This look is a classic look for Halloween but always fun. You can decide for yourself if you want to be a scary or a hot witch tonight, or maybe both...





9. The evil living doll

This tutorial is a really creepy one and with the lenses you can bring up your look to an extra evil level! Unfortunately this video is not in english but the girl in the video is really clear in showing how she applies the makeup and what kind of makeup she uses.





10. the unzipped zipper

And last but not least: the unzipped zipper! A bloody special effect that you're applying on your face. On youtube you can find all kinds of unzipped zipper tutorials. We've seen unzipped eyes, mouths and even whole faces! Here we have a video with an unzipped zipper where the brains are coming out.





We hope you liked this top 10 Halloween make up how to video's! Have fun this Halloween and don't talk to strangers...

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