How to hairstyle tutorials

The most amazing how to hairstyle tutorials you can find here! For you we have collected our top 10 YouTube videos on how to do easy updos, and guess what? Everybody can get their selves amazing hairstyles for a party without even much effort!

The basics

Straightening, waving and curling your hair can be done with almost any hairstyle and length and is a great way to change your average looks for a party or a night out! Make sure that you use heat protector when you use a blow dryer or an iron to prevent your hair from damaging.

Super straight locks

Gorgeous mermaid waves

Bigger than big hot curls

How to hairstyle tutorials: Party hairstyles

These are the 10  hairstyle tutorials that we have picked out for you! They are super easy updos and you can choose one for any occasion! Are you going to a formal party like a wedding, a gala, or a prom then go for the ladyish low updo, classy half updo or the classic french twist. For an informal party go for the messy sockbun or an updo a la Rihanna. We have a different hairstyle for a party for any occasion and with just a little practicing you will look like you have been to a professional!

1. The seductive side bun

2. The perfect ponytail

3. Ladyish low updo

4. Classy half updo

5. The messy sockbun

6. Curly soft updo for short hair

7. 3 minute bohemian soft updo

8.  The ultra elegant wavy bob

9. Updo a la Rihanna

10. The classic french twist

Length: short, medium and long

Relevant tips and ideas:

  • Always use a heat protector when u are going to use an iron or a blow dryer on your hair to prevent it from damaging.
  • check out the videos a few days before the party so that you know what kind of attributes u might need.
  • For most people their hair is the best treatable if you have washed it a day before. In this way it's not wet, not too soft and not too greasy.
  • If you want to keep you hair healthy don't use irons and blow dryers too often, don't use too much shampoo or dilute it with water, make a bun high on your head when you go sleeping so that you don't sleep on your hair and use elastics without iron elements.
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