What to wear to a baby shower (for men)

For advice on what to wear to a baby shower you're at the right place! Baby showers were always meant for women. But this has changed in the last couple of years. Nowadays baby showers for men are gaining more and more in popularity! On this page you will find the tips you need on how to dress for a baby shower for men. This will help you with choosing an appropriate outfit to wear. Also check the selected outfit pictures for a baby shower for men and you will look great on your upcoming event.

If you're a women, click here for more information on what to wear to a baby shower for women.

How to dress to a baby shower for men

There are no rules or specific outfits required for a baby shower. This means that you can wear almost anything you like. But, if you want to make a good appearance then you shouldn't a  ppear in a slobby weekend outfit. These tips are for all the guys who want to look good in their upcoming baby shower.

  • For a baby shower you can wear a shirt, polo, decent t-shirt or a nice sweater. If you choose to wear a t-shirt you can combine this with a jacket for a more sophisticated look. Don't go for a shirt with to much colors or prints. Keep it simple.
  • As pants you can wear khaki's or jeans. Khaki's give your outfit a more classy look while jeans look more casual. If you choose to wear jeans, go for plain and decent jeans and no jeans with too much gaps in it. 
  • As footwear you can wear leather shoes, suede shoes or sneakers. We recommend leather shoes or suede shoes for a sharp look. When you choose to wear sneakers, don't go for too casual sneakers with many colors. Keep it simple with for example total white or black sneakers. Let your shoes match with the rest of your outfit. 
  • There are no rules according to accessories. Our motto is 'Less is More'. So don't overdo your accessories and avoid accessories that steal all the attention from you. Go for accessories that give you and your outfit something extra like a nice watch, bracelet or ring. 
  • And last but not least, always make sure you are groomed. Take a shower, put some effort in your hair, put on a gentle perfume and you're ready to go!

Outfit pictures for a baby shower for men

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to a baby shower:

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