What to wear to a winter wedding

Do you need advice on what to wear to a winter wedding? Then you're at the right place! With the information on this page you will understand how to dress for a winter wedding for men and you will see that dressing up for a winter wedding is easy! Check out the pictures of wedding party outfits for some more inspiration. Just apply these tips and you will look great on your upcoming wedding event!

How to dress for a winter wedding for men

Most winter weddings are held indoor and indoor weddings are usually more formal then outdoor weddings. Also winter weddings call for darker outfit colors. Since winter weddings mostly happen in colder times, better choose warmer fabrics like wool or flannel.

As wedding guest it is important to choose an appropriate outfit to your upcoming wedding. The first thing to do when deciding on what to wear to a winter wedding is to read the wedding invitation. An invitation can provide helpful information like the required dress code, the location and the daytime in which the wedding is held. If the invitation doesn't provide the helpful information you need, try asking the hosts or other invitees.

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  • If the winter wedding you're attending requires formal attire, you should wear a tuxedo according to the black tie dress code. Click here for the rules on how to wear a tuxedo. If this is not specifically given you should wear a traditional  suit in a dark color like black, navy blue or dark grey. Only when you're sure that the wedding is casual you can also wear a sport jacket combined with a suit pants. Appropriate colors are dark grey, navy blue or brown. Your jacket and pants do not necessarily have to be in the same color.
  • Wear a simple good fitting shirt. We recommend plain light colored shirts. With a white shirt you can never go wrong. 
  • If the wedding is held in cold weather conditions you can choose to wear a thin woolen V-neck sweater underneath your jacket.
  • A necktie is optional depending on the formality of the event. We recommend you to wear one to add elegance and formality to your outfit. Go for a necktie that is in harmony with your attire. 
  • As footwear you should wear polished dark leather shoes. We recommend the colors black or brown for your leather shoes, choose the color that looks best with your attire.
  • Wear silk or thin woolen long socks. Go for darker colors. Don't wear white socks. 
  • Do wear a belt. 
  • Weddings are not the event to show off your accessories. You should look elegant and chic. Therefore it's best not to wear to many accessories. Cuff links, a pocket square, and tie clips are appropriate accessories for a winter wedding. A watch can also be worn if the dress code allows it. The dress codes black tie and white tie forbid men to wear a watch because this is seen as impolite. 
  • Since most winter weddings are held in cold weather conditions it can be helpful to consider the type of fabric of your attire. Fabrics like wool and flannel are great for winter weddings. These fabrics will definitely keep you warm.
  • Keep in mind that a wedding is probably the most beautiful day in the bride and groom their lives. Therefore they will except you to dress up. It's better to appear overdressed then under dressed. 
  • Make sure you look groomed and you're ready to go!

Examples of wedding party outfits

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