How to dress cocktail for men

Wonder how to dress cocktail for men? Here we provide information on what to wear to a cocktail party. Besides that here you can also find great examples of cocktail outfits that can inspire you to look great in your cocktail attire.

What is cocktail attire?

Cocktail attire is used as a party dress code for different occasions. These can range from more formal to less formal depending on the situation. The outfit can be adjusted to the formality of the event or situation of the party. With this dress code there is more space for your own interpretation as with more formal dress codes like black tie or white tie.

How to dress cocktail for men

  • Cocktail attire is attire that is between formal and semi formal. At a cocktail party you are supposed to wear a suit with a tie. Mid grey and darker colors are the most appropriate for a cocktail suit. If the cocktail event takes places during the day the suits can be lighter. A tuxedo is not considered as cocktail attire since it is too formal.
  • Wear a shirt in white or in a light color that matches with the color of your suit. Keep your shirt plain, don't use funky patterns or colors.  
  • Choose a tie that is in the same color tone as your shirt and suit or another matching color to provide a different accent. Where a solid colored tie.
  • When the cocktail party you're attending is more formal, a pocket square is traditionally worn. The color of the pocket square should not be identical to the tie. You're always save when the pocket square matches with the color of your shirt. 
  • As footwear choose for leather dress shoes. Make sure the shoes are polished.  The socks should be long and dark. Never wear sport socks.
  • Wear a leather belt in a matching color.
  • Keep your accessories simple to one or two pieces like a watch. Never overdo with accessories.
  • And last but not least: Make sure that you arrive groomed and enjoy the party! 

Examples of cocktail outfits

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress cocktail for men

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