How to dress cocktail

Are you wondering how to dress cocktail? Don't worry, being gorgeous is easy! Just check out this examples on cocktail outfits and apply the tips on cocktail attire on this page you will look stunning on your upcoming event!

Eva Mendes looks stunning in this cream cocktail dress! This cocktail attire is so sophisticated and ladylike! This high neck dress doesn't need big accessories and by just wearing these small earrings the overall look became more elegant.

  • Nail polish: Essie, ballet slippers
  • Shoes: Bennett Harper
  • Clutch Karen Millen
  • Earrings: River Fine Jewelry

What is the cocktail dress code?

Cocktail is a party dress code that is used for all kinds of evening or after dark events. These events can be formal or informal depending on the situation so it's good to adjust your outfit to the formality and situation of the party you're attending.

How to dress cocktail

  • Cocktail dresses are knee length dresses that range from just above the knee to under the knee but it can also be tea length (just above the ankle) although we reccoment this only with a fitted dress. Cocktail attire can be in any fabric but it's good to adapt your dress to the formality of the party. Keep in mind that darker colors and fabrics like silk and satin give a more formal look than other colors and fabrics. We recommend going for a simple dress that you can glamour up with accessories. The main goal of this party dress code is that you have to look elegant so make sure that you'll pick out a dress that flatters your body shape.
  • Combine your dress with a small evening bag (the smaller the more formal) that matches with your gown.
  • Wear beautiful eye-catching high heels and bring an extra pair of stockings if you're wearing them just in case.
  • As accessories you can wear beautiful earrings and a bracelet, or go for a necklace with small or no earrings, If you're planning on wearing a necklace make sure that it doesn't compete with the neckline of your dress.
  • Go for a festive hairdo and apply beautiful make up.

Some fabulous examples of cocktail outfits

A little black dress  like Taylor Swift wears here is perfect cocktail attire! It always looks elegant and chic, especially if you glamour it up with accessories. A little black dress you can find almost everywhere, but make sure you go for a dressy fabric and flattering model.

  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  • Bracelet: Fenize
  • Earrings: Diane White Topaz
  • Clutch: Michael Kors

Here Jaime King wears a coral cocktail party outfit that looks magnificent on her. It is elegant and timeless yet with a modern twist.

  • Shoes: Miu Miu
  • Clutch: Bobelle London
  • Earrings: Prowlster
  • Ring: Anna Sheffield

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress cocktail:

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