How to dress for Halloween

Do you wonder how to dress for Halloween? Halloween is the night the souls of the dead return to the earth. This means it is a night wherein everything and everybody is supposed to look creepy, including you. Find out on this site what to wear to a Halloween party with our makeup tips and Halloween costume ideas!

When you're a couple you can always create an extra scary effect by matching your Halloween outfits, like these zombie wedding outfits from Christina Aguilera and her ex-husband Jordan Bratman.

How to dress for Halloween

  • The most important thing about your Halloween look is the makeup. It is even more important than the costume because with a little practice you can create almost any look you want. Do you want to be a little scary but hot, funny, or horrifying freaky? it can all be done! Click here for inspiration on Halloween make up.
  • Another option to become really scary without having to put much effort in your look is by wearing a mask. Go to a fancy dress shop where you can choose between a lot of creepy masks.
  • If you really want to make an impression, try to be original. When you're dressed up like a fantom with a blanket over your head you won't scare anyone anymore.
  • For a good halloween outfit you first have to think about what you want to be and than you have to try to became that concept. Get your inspiration from an ghost story or scary legend.
  • It's nice to dress yourself up like a totally different creepy creature but not particulary necessary. Sometimes just little details can make the effect even scarier, like a scar or an open wound. If you go to a halloween party you can also give yourself a hot but dark look.
  • Unnatural scary contactlenses can have a huge effect in making your looks extremely terrifying. Go for example for all white lenses that ony show your pupils or even more scary, lenses that make your eyes all black! Fake vampire or other unnatural looking teeth also changes your looks dramatically.
  • To make the effect look more real, use a wig.

How to dress for Halloween if you want to look creapy and funny..

Become the scary real version of a famous character or cartoon. you have hundreds of characters to choose from so the chance that somebody else has the same outfit is extremely small and everybody will laugh if you walk into the room. With little make up adjustments like angry eyebrows you can make the cutest character look evil.

How to dress for Halloween if you want to look scary but hot..

Go for the dark, hot, look with a seductive black outfit and high heels (Check out Morticia, she was hot and creepy at the same time). Use make up to create the death womans look. you can also go for just a little detail like a big real looking scar, a bloody open wound or a rope hanging around your neck.

How to dress for Halloween if you want to freak everybody out..

If you really want to freak everybody out, go for extreme adjustments. Masks that cover your whole or half of your face, blood, scary contact lenses, missing body parts, knifes or other pieces coming out of your body. Go to the shop for fancy dress costumes to see what the possibilities are. Use make up to make your look as real as possible.

Some creapy Halloween costume ideas

Katy Perry looks beautiful but scary at the same time. That's how the perfect vampire Halloween outfit should look!

If I would see Bette Midler like she does here in this Halloween outfit I would simply run away as far as I could!

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress for Halloween

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