How to dress for a Luau party

Do you wonder how to dress for a Luau party? Check out here the best advice on what to wear to a Hawaiian party! including great examples of Luau party outfits!

What to wear to a Hawaiian party

Are you attending a Luau party? Lucky you! These Hawaiian themed parties are amazing and great fun to get dressed for! If this is you're first Luau party then you might be confused about what to wear. Don't be, we'll show you that dressing for a Luau party is really easy! One thing that you should know is that Luau parties usually take place in the summer and outdoor, often even at a poolside. Here are some tips on how to dress for a Luau party!

  • At a Luau party you can go for a traditional Hawaiian outfit and wear a grass skirt with a short top or, if you don't want to look as if you are wearing a costume, you can go for simple and cute summer dresses or skirts. Go for bright colors or an Hawaiian floral print for an extra Luau touch. If you don't wear a floral print then don't forget to wear some Hawaiian accessories.
  • Typical Hawaiian accessories for women consists of flowers, which can be real or artificial. The most traditional Hawaiian accessory is a lei, a floral necklace made for women. This is especially a great option if you're wearing a plain, bright colored summer dress. Other options, better for when you're for example wearing a more busy outfit like a printed dress, can be a floral bracelet, hairband or simply a single flower in the hair. Eye catching earrings are also a fabulous accessory to combine with your outfit. If you want to wear a lei made from real flowers than you can contact your local florist. Often they make necklaces especially for this kind of events. Flowers that are mostly used in a lei are plumerias, tuberoses, carnations, orchids and pikake. The best flowers for your hair are hibiscus flowers (which is the official Hawaiian flower) , orchids ans plumerias.
  • Combine your outfit with some stylish flipflops or some cute wedges. and if the Luau is a poolside party as well, wear a stunning bright colored bikini under your outfit!
  • Wear your hair loose and show off your amazing curls, waves or straight locks. Keep your hair natural looking as well as your makeup by showing off your sun kissed and glowy skin! You might add something extra like bright colored peachy or coral red lipstick!
  • Don't forget to use some sunblock and you will look fabulous and ready to go!

Lovely examples of Luau party outfits

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress for a Luau party

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