How to dress for a black party

For all information on how to dress for a black party you're at the right place! Check out here the best tips on what to wear to a black party. We have also collected some gorgeous examples of black party attire! Follow these tips and you will look amazing at your upcoming black party event!

A little black dress is of course an outfit you can wear to almost any black party. The good thing about it is that almost every woman looks great in it, especially with a pair of stunning high heels! Victoria Justice looks gorgeous in this little black dress that perfectly suits her body shape. 

  • Shoes: Gucci
  • Clutch: Jimmy Choo
  • Earrings: Michael Kors
  • Ring: Anna Sheffield

How to dress for a black party

Dressing for a black party sounds obvious, the only color that you can wear is black. But deciding how to dress for a black party isn't that easy. When you're deciding what to wear to a black party you will have to consider the kind of event and the location of the event before you're choosing your outfit. We will help you with that! Just follow these tips you will look amazing at any black party!

  • As we already mentioned, you can't wear just any outfit you like only for the color. Before you're choosing your outfit keep the location and the kind of event in mind. When you're attending a black party on the beach for example, than you should wear more formal attire than for a black party in a fancy hotel.
  • Upgrade your black party attire with different fabrics and models. Go for an elegant cocktail dress if you're attending a more formal event. Dressy fabrics like silk or satin Will make you appear more formal.
  • When you're attending a casual event you can wear something that is still cute but less chic. Cute pants, blouses, little black dresses and shorts, everything is possible as long as it's appropriate for the event! Get your inspiration from the latest fashion trends.  
  • Wear something that suits your body shape.
  • Combining different beautiful fabrics makes you look like a true fashionistas. Go for a silk or organza blouse with a loose fitting or formal suit pants for a more formal look or a stretch denim pants, leather skinny pants or shorts for a more casual look. Combine this with a beautiful blazer and you will look amazing!
  • The more formal your look, the smaller your bag should be. Large bags will dress you down.
  • Go for black high pumps or open sandals. When you're wearing casual pants, cute high (open) ankle boots can also look very fashionable.
  • Adjust your accessories to your outfit. When you're wearing a more formal dress, better keep your accessories simple and elegant. Choose for example one accessory as your centerpiece and keep the rest small and simple or leave it off. For a more casual look we'd say go for it but don't overdo it. Make sure that your accessories don't distract from your natural beauty.
  • Don't forget doing your hair and makeup! Go for a fabulous hairstyle that suits your overall look. In the evening your makeup can be more dramatic than during the day. Click here if you wonder how to dress for a black party and you want some gorgeous celebrity hair ideas as inspiration! 

Stunning examples of black party outfits

Stacy Keibler knows how to dress for a black party! She looks lovely in this black cocktail gown. Great for more formal black party events.

  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  • Clutch: Petite Legs
  • Earrings: Swarovski
  • Bracelet: Adorn

Rihanna looks great for a casual black party in this leather black top and these loose fitting pants. These kind of tops look amazing when you combine them with an Egyptian style necklace.

  • Shoes: Tomford
  • Clutch: Dolce & Gabanna
  • Earrings: Bob Bijoux
  • Necklace: 30 Padded Hangers

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