How to dress for a gala

If you want to know how to dress for a gala to look stunning you are exactly in the right place! On this page we advise you on what to wear to a party that requires gala attire. Find the inspiration you need with these tips and gala dress examples and you will create the perfect look that makes you look gorgeous on your upcoming event!

Katherine Heigl looks ultra glamorous and classic in this red gala dress! As you can see the dress is really simple and in one (amazing!) color. If you want to look as stunning as Katherine just go for a simple and body-flattering dress in a beautiful color and glamour it up with your accessories.

  • Earrings: Crystal Bridal Accessories
  • Bracelet: Swarovski
  • Clutch: Kate Landry
  • Shoes: Bardo

How to dress for a gala

A gala is an occasion where women show up in their most beautifull and glamourous gowns. This means it's time to dress up! Apply these tips for an elegand and sparkling gala look!

  • Unless you have a lot to spent and you want to steel the show with a stunning designer gown play save and go for a simple floor length gown in a luxurious fabric like silk or satin. A simple but elegant cocktail gown in these fabrics can also be an option. Simple gowns can always be glamoured up with accessories. Make sure that the dress flatters your body shape.
  • Go for elegant shoes with high thin heels, open sandals are stunning options for a gala. make sure the color of your shoes matches with the color of the gown you're wearing. Bring extra pair of stockings just in case.
  • Do not wear a jacket over your gown. If it's cold you can wear a stole or even better, let someone drop you off in front of the entree.
  • Bring a small eveningbag that matches with your gala dress.
  • A gala is one of the occasions where you can wear your most beautiful jewelry. To keep it elegant don't overdo it and choose for expensive and real (looking) accessories. If you go for big earrings do not also go for a necklace, and if you wear a necklace keep your earring simple. Make sure that the necklace doesn't compete with the neckline of your gala dress.
  • Go for more dramatic make up and perfect hair, preferably done by a professional. Hair accesories can give some extra spark to your look.

Some gorgeous examples of gala attire

A gala is one of the few occasions where you can show off so do it like Jessica Alba did in this gorgeous salmon colored gala dress!

  • Shoes: Milanoo
  • Necklace: RJ Graziano
  • Ring: Etsy
  • Clutch: Butler and Wilson

Dianna Agros wears a gorgeous gala dress that is already glamorous without accessories! With such a fancy gown she only needs a few accessories to complement her beauty.

  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  • Earrings: Oscar de la Renta
  • Clutch: Jimmy Choo
  • Bracelet: Karen Millen

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress for a gala

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