How to dress for a garden party

Here you can find amazing tips on how to dress for a garden party! Have you got a garden party coming up soon? No worries. For you we have made a collection of the best ideas on what to wear to a garden party. We also provide stunning pictures of garden party attire! Just apply them and you will look lovely! 

Shorts and a silk or chiffon blouse like  Jennifer Lopez is wearing is a good choice for any garden party!

  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  • Sunglasses and Bangle: Mango
  • Earrings: Dorothy Perkins

How to dress for a garden party

We all love garden parties, especially if the weather is good but dressing for a garden party can be quite a challenge. There are weather conditions you have to take into account and  for a garden wedding you need another outfit than for a garden birthday party. If you want to be well dressed for your upcoming garden party just take the following tips into account:

  • A garden party is seldom ultra formal, but if the event is originally a more formal event like a wedding you need to dress up more. Wear in this case a dressy cocktail gown. For a less formal event like a normal birthday party a more casual look is perfect. Go for example for shorts or a flowy skirt with a cute top. A summer dress is also a nice option. For a garden party at night you can often dress more formal than for a daily event. So keep the type of event in mind when you're dressing for a garden party.
  • Soft and flowy fabrics are great for a garden party, also go for bright or pastel colors. Floral prints are perfect.
  • When the party is taking place on grass don't wear pumps with thin high heels, you will regret it. Instead go for cute flat sandals or high wedges.
  • If the weather is fresh, wear a stylish jacket. If the weather is hot, a hat can be a great option. Don't forget to wear sun block.
  • The rule according bags is: the more dressier the event, the smaller the bag. So for a formal event use an elegant evening bag.
  • Keep your hair and makeup soft, natural and use sweet pink or peachy colors.

Cute examples of garden party attire

We love Miranda Kerr's floral maxi skirt for a garden wedding! Combine a maxi skirt with strappy sandals and some bohemian accessories and you're all ready! 

  • Sandals: Zara
  • Belt: Finebelts
  • Earrings: BluBijoux
  • Bangles: Aya Stud

Taylor Swift is wearing a beautiful yellow floral dress that is great for a casual but also for a more dressy garden party. In case you wear this dress for a more formal event, combine it with a small evening bag that matches with the color of your outfit and with more fancy shoes and accessories. A dress like this can easily be combined with a blazer in case it get's cold.

  • Bracelet: Marc Jacobs
  • Wedges: Jimmy Choo
  • Earrings: Boticca
  • Purse: Polyvore

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