How to dress for a garden wedding

Are you a wedding guest that's wondering how to dress for a garden wedding? We'll help you out with these fabulous examples of party attire and information on what to wear to a garden wedding! Here we have summarized the perfect tips and you only have to read and apply them to look superelegant at your upcoming wedding event!

Miranda Kerr looks lovely and elegant in this floral dress. Floral dresses are perfect for a garden themed wedding.

  • Bangles: Apt 9
  • Clutch: Zara
  • Nail polish: Essie, Tart deco
  • Shoes: Thisnext

How to dress for a garden wedding

Garden weddings are always amazing events!  It is less formal than indoor weddings and with the lovely setting the wedding is usually very enjoyable. Dressing for a garden wedding can be somewhat tricky if you don't know how to dress for a garden wedding. You have to keep the weather conditions in mind and since most garden weddings aren't too formal you have to find a balance between casual and formal attire. Here we have summarized everything you need to know if you want to look stunning on your upcoming garden wedding!

  • Our nr.1 rule is: do dress up! Even if your invitation says casual, a wedding remains a special event. This means that you don't show up in your average daily outfit but do some effort to look good in an elegant dress or skirt.
  • Soft and flowy fabrics are perfect for outside garden weddings. If the wedding takes place during the spring heavier fabrics are a good option. Gor for a knee or tea-length cocktail gown, wear a long flowy gown or wear a skirt with a fashionable blouse. If the wedding is more formal you can wear a more streamlined satin dress. Use breathing fabrics to make sure you're sweat-proof.
  • Never choose to wear all white or all black. Since garden weddings usually takes place during summer or spring go for seasonable bright or pastel colors. If you're more into neutrals you can wear beige or taupe. A floral dress is also a great option for a garden wedding.
  • Too revealing attire is not suitable for any wedding.
  • Make sure, if you want to look elegant, that your party attire suits your body shape.
  • Combine your dress with a classy pair of pumps or high heeled open sandals. If the ceremony or reception takes place on the grass wedges or low fashionable sandals are a better option. Wear a charming small bag, this will look dressier than a large one.
  • Take a fashionable fitted blazer in case it gets a little cold. Make sure the color matches nicely with your attire. For hot weather you can consider to wear a hat. Don't forget to put on sun block.
  • At a garden wedding you want to look soft, elegant and natural. Bring this back in your hair, makeup and jewelry. Keep your (waterproof) makeup natural and sweet and put your hair in a soft updo. Don't overdo your jewelry but keep it simple and elegant just like your attire. Go for gold, silver, diamonds or pearls. Wear a bracelet with earrings or, if it doesn't compete with the neckline of your gown, wear a beautiful necklace. If you choose to wear a necklace keep your earrings small. 
  • If you still have any doubts about what is expected of you call the bride and groom, They will be more than pleased to help you if they see that you're doing the effort to look good on their special day. 

Fashionable examples of party attire for wedding guests

Annalynne wears here a stunning dress that would be perfect for an garden wedding during the summer or spring!

  • Shoes:Chinese laundry
  • Bracelet: Shopbob
  • Clutch: Newlook
  • Earrings: Zoo jewellery 

A dress with a waist belt like this brown dress that Kim Kardashian is wearing is a perfect choice for women that have curves and that want to accentuate their narrow waist.

  • Shoes: Fergie
  • Jewelry: Michael Kors

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress for a garden wedding

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