How to dress for a graduation party

Here you will find all information on how to dress for a graduation party. We have collected tips on what to wear to a graduation party and here you can also find fabulous examples of graduation party outfits to inspire you! If you apply the following tips you will look amazing on your upcoming graduation party!

Floral shorts like Rochelle is wearing are very fashionable nowadays and are a festive and sunny choice for a graduation party. Combining them with a fitted jacket and beautiful pumps will make you look great! 

  • Clutch: Dune
  • Shoes: Mango
  • Earrings: Michael Kors
  • Necklace: Aurelie Bidermann

How to dress for a graduation party

Have you been invited to a graduation party? Or have you just graduated yourself and have you decided to launch a party? In either way this is a reason to celebrate that asks for a festive outfit. A graduation party is often a casual event but this doesn't mean you should show up in your average school outfit. Put some effort in your appearance and try to be casual and festive at the same time. 

  • Keep the location of the event in mind before you choose your outfit. If the party takes places at a special location then go for a more formal outfit like a cocktail dress. At a party in somebodies home or garden you can wear anything that you like and that is casual like a cute dress or shirt, pants or shorts with a pretty blouse, top and/or a jacket. A party in the club asks for club outfit. Click here for more information on how to dress for a graduation party in the club.

  • Often shoes can make the difference between looking average and fabulous! Go for amazing high heeled pumps, open sandals or cute ankle boots (we love the ones that have a peep toe combined with a fitted pants)

  • Also beautiful bags can upgrade your look. Keep in mind that larger bags will make your appearance more casual while smaller bags will make you look more formal, so adapt the size of your bag to the location of the event. Go for an elegant clutch in a more formal setting.
  • Put some effort in your hair and makeup. In the evening your makeup can be more dramatic than during the day. Also wear some great accessories that match with your outfit and that's it! You look amazing and good to go! 

Fabulous examples of dinner party outfits

Miranda Kerr looks amazing in this printed dress combined with a black jacket. It's a perfect choice for any kind of graduation party! 

  • Shoes: Maison Martin
  • Bag: Zara
  • Lipstick: L' Oreal color riche

We love this festive skirt with wine red blouse Whitney Port is wearing! This outfit and color combination looks chic and it perfectly suits her body shape.

  • Bag: Zara
  • Accessories: Lulu Frost

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