How to dress for a pool party

Are you looking for tips on how to dress for a pool party? We have collected all information on what to wear to a pool party here. So if you want to look amazing on your upcoming pool party just apply the following tips.  Also check out our cute examples of pool party outfits! 

Selena Gomes is wearing the cutest netted see through top with her bikini and shorts. We love this look for a pool party!

  • Earrings: Talulla Tu
  • Bikini and bag: H&M
  • Flip-flops: Prada

How to dress for a pool party

  • Wear a fancy bikini and combine it with a lightweight outfit that is easy to take off. Short or long summer dresses, flowy skirts and shorts with cute cotton tops ars all perfect for pool parties. Go for bright and light colors and cool patterns.
  • Choose flip flops or cute sandals, keep in mind that your footwear can become wet, this also counts for your bag.
  • Don't wear fancy jewelry, you will lose it or it will get ugly when they get wet. If you want to wear some accessories anyway to upgrade your look, go for surfer style jewelry with wood, beads or leather elements instead of metal. They can look really cool and won't get damaged. 
  • Sunglasses are of course the perfect accessory for a pool party and they also protect your eyes. Consider wearing a hat, the right ones can look fabulous and the sun doesn't shine in your face all day. 
  • It doesn't make any sense to go for a stylish hairstyle or for a special makeup look if you go in the water anyway, so go for natural. beachy waves, braids or ponytails are easy and can still look cute. Bring some lip gloss and if you do want to wear mascara, make sure it's waterproof.
  • Bring some dry underwear or a dry bikini for when you're done getting in the water.

Cute examples of pool party outfits

Taylor Momsen is wearing a fashionable and comfortable looking  emerald green jumpsuit. A great pool party outfit in an amazing color.

  • Sunglasses: Mango
  • Bikini: H&M
  • Bag: Zara
  • Earrings: Foxy Originals
  • Flip-flops: Neuaura

This black and white striped maxi dress is looking amazing on Kim Kardashian! It really shows off her feminine curves.

  • Necklace: Rings and Things
  • Bikini: H&M
  • Bag and flip-flops: Zara
  • Nail Polish: Essie, Madison ave-hue
  • Sunglasses: Mango

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