How to dress for a quinceanera

Deciding how to dress for a quinceanera might look difficult. Especially if this is the first time that you attend a quinceanera party. Here you can find information about quinceanera outfits for men. We give you party outfit ideas and inspire you with pictures of quinceanera party attire. If you apply these tips, you will look great on this quinceanera party!

What is a quinceanera party?

A quinceanera party is a celebration where a girls fifteenth birthday is celebrated. It's more special than an average birthday party and more formal attire is required. In many cases a quinceanera starts with a church ceremony for family and close relatives. After the ceremony there is a reception for family and friends. A quinceanera is an event that is especially celebrated in most Latin American countries.

How to dress for a quinceanera party

  • If the event consists of a church ceremony you're supposed to look more formal than at the reception. This means that should wear a suit. Wear your suit with a shirt and a matching tie. Wear leather shoes and a belt. Choose them in a color that combines with your attire. There are no specific rules for accessories, but keep it to one or two accessories. 
  • The reception is less formal than the church ceremony. You can choose to take of your tie, jacket or both. If you're only attending the reception, you can also wear a shirt or a thin v-neck sweater with decent trousers or khaki's. Jeans are too casual for this event. Combine your party attire with formal shoes and leave your sneakers at home. Also here keep your accessories to one or two pieces.
  • The closer you are related to the quinceanera, the more formal you are supposed to wear. 
  • Some more traditional men wear vaquero gear. This is a starched shirt with cowboy jeans, cowboy boots and a large belt buckle. This is often combined with a cowboy hat.
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Examples of quinceanera outfits for men

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress for a quinceanera

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