How to dress for a school party

Girls who want to know how to dress for a school party are here on the right adres! You're probable already looking forward to this party for ages but now that it's almost here you still don't know what kind of clothes you should wear. Don't worry, here you can find al the advise you need on what to wear to a school party. We give you some amazing examples of school party outfits in which you can have fun, dance and look fabulous enough for everyone to notice you. Maybe even that cute guy you have an eye on...

Whitney port is wearing a loose floral mini dress with cute brown sandals and a black top and jacket. This outfit is really fashionable and trendy and a good choice for a school party! of it's getting warm you can choose to take off your jacket.

  • Clutch: Karen Millen
  • Necklace: Cvpply
  • Sandals: Ralph Lauren
  • Nail polish: Essie, Clambake

How to dress for a school party

  • On a school party you want to look amazing but you also want to dance and have fun. Go for something cute where you feel beautiful and comfortable in. Unless you're going to your prom don't wear something too formal or you will look out of place. You also shouldn't wear something that you would wear on a regular school day. Dress up! Go for a fashionable look with a little bit of extra spark. A school party is the perfect occasion to wear that cute dress or that dressy top with skinny, dark trousers. A short (but not too short!) glamorous skirt with a simple top can also be an option. Leave long sleeved tops at home.
  • Keep your school party outfit simple and glamour it up with some accessories. Wear some showy bracelets with sparkling earrings or a necklace.
  • Wear some cute flat ballerina's or some shoes with small heels that are comfortable enough to dance on. Little wedges can be really cute. Don't go for heels if you can't walk on them, cause there's nothing more embarrassing and annoying than wearing heals without being able to walk or dance! If your wearing heels there is a chance that you'll get painful feet. Bring some cute ballerina's in your bag that matches your outfit. Leave your bag at the cloakroom.
  • Leave larger bags at the cloakroom. You will look weird if you walk around with a large bag. If you don't have pockets bring a clutch that matches your school party outfit for your lip-gloss and money. They are small, look cute and they're not in your way when you're dancing.
  • Put some effort in your hairdo. Put your hair in a half updo or go for hot curls. Make sure that your hair is different from your normal daily look.
  • Don't forget to put on some make up but don't overdo it! go for a sweet colors and more natural look. a little bit of natural or pink colored lip-gloss and some mascara and pink blusher will already do the trick.

Some fabulous examples of school party outfits

Victoria Justice looks super cute in this outfit. It is the perfect outfit if you wonder how to dress for a school party! In a skinny pants with a nice top you can look great without being overdressed. With a few accessories, a small clutch and some amazing open ankle boots you can finish off your look!

  • Make Me Chic
  • Accessories: Bijoux Store
  • Clutch: Alinadrea 

This little black dress with a waist belt and hot ankle boots that Alicia Keys is wearing is really easy to put together and looks amazing for a school party!

  • Nail polish: Essie, recessionista
  • Earrings: Deepa Garundi
  • Bracelet: Zimaya
  • Ankle Boots: Asos
  • Waist belt: Reiss Topaz

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress for a school party

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