How to dress for a wedding rehearsal

Check out here how to dress for a wedding rehearsal. We give stunning examples of party attire and amazing tips on how to dress for a wedding rehearsal!

This pink cocktail dress looks amazing on Kelsey Chow and is perfect for a wedding rehearsal!

  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  • Clutch: Prada
  • Bangle: Michael Kors
  • Earrings: White Topaz

What to wear to a wedding rehearsal

  • A wedding rehearsal is an occasion that usually takes place a day before the wedding and that often consists of a rehearsal of the ceremony and a rehearsal dinner. It is obviously not as special as the wedding itself but nevertheless it is an occasion people dress up for. Sometimes even a dress code is given for the rehearsal dinner. Click here for more information on how to dress for a wedding rehearsal with a dress code.
  • If there is no given dress code for the rehearsal dinner then we recommend you to wear a beautiful cocktail dress in a fancy fabric. You can also wear a skirt with a dressy blouse. You can combine your outfit with a fashionable jacket. This is not the occasion to wear something that is too revealing, rather go for an elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Make sure that your dress is flattering for your body shape. This is our number one rule if you want to look amazing! Click here for more information on how to dress for your body shape.
  • Wear some elegant high heeled pumps or open sandals to finish of your look! Choose a color that matches with your dress.
  • A wedding rehearsal is quite a formal occasion. Therefore rather choose for a small and chic bag like a clutch instead of a larger one.
  • Go for some pretty and real looking accessories like gold, silver and diamonds. We do recommend you not to combine a large necklace with larger earrings. This will be too much in most cases.
  • Wear your hair loose or in a lovely updo and put on some makeup and you will look amazing at your upcoming wedding rehearsal!

Stunning examples of party attire

Aure Atika is looking chic and sophisticated in this black pencil skirt and blue silk top. The colors are great for a wedding rehearsal and dinner. 

  • Necklace: Tom Binns
  • Shoes: Tomford
  • Clutch: Zara
  • Lipstick: Body Shop

Anne Hathaway looks really chic in this black cocktail dress! A black dress will always give you the right touch at a more formal event.

  • Shoes: Zara
  • Earrings: Amrita Singh
  • Nail Polish: Essie, Cute as a button
  • Clutch: My Evening Dress

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress for a wedding rehearsal

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