How to dress for a wedding

Deciding how to dress for a wedding may seem difficult. You will probably see a lot of people so you want to make sure you look at your best. You don't want to be over or underdressed or you will look out of place. We show you that dressing for a wedding is easy! Read here the best advice on what to wear to a wedding if you want to look stunning and chic! Check out these tips and examples of wedding guest party attire you'll find the appropriate outfit for any kind of wedding in no time!  

Rachel McAdams is wearing a light blue strapless cocktail dress that looks simply amazing on her! Light and pastel colored dresses are perfect for spring and summer weddings.

  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  • Clutch: Lipstick Boutique
  • Earrings: Enricas Bezel
  • Bracelet: Juliette Jewels

How to dress for a wedding

Deciding how to dress for a wedding can be confusing since weddings come in all different settings. Take a look at the invitation and find out if you can find any clues about the formality of the event. Is it a formal or informal wedding? Is there a dresscode? Where and on what part of the day is the reception or party going to take place? An outside wedding for example is in most cases less formal than an inside wedding in a ballroom.

Our advice is: unless there is a special dresscode, or the wedding is a formal white tie event in which you are supposed to wear a long evening gown, you're always safe with a dressy cocktail gown. It looks chic, feminine and is appropiate for almost any location. A cocktail gown is a gown that ranges from just above the knee to just under the knee but can also be tea length (just above the ancle). If you apply these tips on what to wear to a wedding you will look ultraelegant on your upcoming wedding:

  • Your gown can be in any color except for all black or all white. White is not a color any woman should wear on a wedding except for the bride because she has to stand out, If you do it will be seen by some (often including the bride) as impolite. It's nice to adjust the color of your gown to the season. Fabrics like silk and satin will give you a more formal appear than other fabrics so you can choose to wear these fabrics if you're going to a formal wedding.
  • Often a simple dress in one color looks more elegant than a loud dress in different colors. You can glamour your look up with accessories. 
  • Too revealing or too casual attire like jeans and a shirt should not be worn to a wedding. Also attire or accessories that makes you look like you want to be the bride yourself (think of a prom dress or a tiara) are not done. If you show up in these clothes you will look weird and overdressed (and some might say even desperate).
  • Put on an outfit that complements your body shape, this is our number one rule for every woman that wants to look good. Click here for more information on how to dress for your body shape.
  • Combine your dress with classy high heels like pumps or open sandals (unless you're going to a beach wedding). If you wear stockings, make sure you bring an extra pair with you just in case.
  • A large bag will dress you down. Instead choose for an elegant small evening bag in a color that matches with your outfit.
  • Don't forget your jewelry! Wear for example earrings and a bracelet or go for a beautiful necklace with smaller or no earrings. Make sure if you wear a necklace that it doesn't compete with the neckline of your dress. With formal dress codes like black and white tie wearing a watch is not done because there is no need to look at the time. Make sure you check this first if you're planning on wearing one, although we think that a bracelet is much more elegant with your wedding guest party attire.
  • Finish your look with an elegant hairdo and makeup. You might consider to let a professional do the job. Don't do your make up too loud like you're going to the club. A beautiful natural look is at a wedding the best choice. In the evening your makeup can be more dramatic. Make sure everything is waterproof.
  • If you still have any doubts about how to dress for a wedding just ask the bride and groom what is expected. In this case you'll always know that you have the right party attire.


Stunning examples of wedding guest party attire

Taylor Swift probably knows how to dress for a wedding! Here she is wearing a red cocktail dress that truly is stunning! A dress like this is a perfect example of a guest outfit for a summer wedding!

  • Accessories: Swarovski
  • Clutch: Jimmy Choo
  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Eva Mendez is looking stunning in this cocktail dress! This dress is a wedding guest outfit that one could nearly wear to any kind of wedding!

  • Clutch: Alexander mcQueen
  • Earrings: Rolo store
  • Shoes: RMK
  • Hair accessory: A costa jewellery

Specific wedding themes

To help you decide on how to dress for a wedding we give fashion advise for the most common wedding themes. Just click on the link of the sort of wedding you're attending and you will find all advise you need to look superchic in your wedding party guest attire! 

Wedding dress codes:

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Garden wedding:

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Beach wedding:

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Spring wedding:

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Summer wedding:

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Fall wedding:

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Winter wedding:

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Outdoor wedding:

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Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress for a wedding

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