What to wear to a welcome party

Read here how to dress for a welcome party! We give tips on what to wear to a welcome party and show you amazing examples of welcome party outfits!

What to wear to a welcome party

Welcome parties are often surprise parties and are given when a loved one returns home, for example after travelling for longer periods of time or working/studying abroad. It can also mean the welcoming a newcomer, such as a new club member, a new employee, or a family's new baby. They can be really fun but if there is no dress code given it might seem like a challenge to get dressed for a welcome party. No worries, we help you out! With these tips getting dressed for a welcome party will be easy!

The first thing to do when deciding on how to dress for a welcome party is to check out the invitation. Sometimes a dress code is given, if not, then often the time and location of the event can give you a clue about what to wear. Daytime at home or outdoor parties always ask for more casual wear. If the event takes place in the evening or at a fancy location then this asks for more fancy outfits. For a welcome party at the office always go for something that is sophisticated and office appropriate. Check out here how to dress for an office party!

Since at a (familiar) welcome party in most cases friends as well as family are invited this isn't the event to wear something overtly revealing. Cute and classy is the guideline for a welcome party. A skirt or skinny pants with a pretty blazer is always a good option for a more casual event, or a feminine summer dress if the weather is right. For a more fancy party at a chic location a cocktail dress is always a good option.

Choose something that is flattering for your body shape. This is the number one rule for looking amazing! For more information on how to dress for a welcome party for your body shape, click here!

The shoes are off course an important part of your outfit! Always go for shoes that match with your outfit. For a casual outfit go for some hot ankle boots, pumps or high open sandals. For a cocktail event wear something refined like classic pumps or high open sandals.

Bring a bag or clutch for your basic things and make sure that the color matches with your outfit. Always keep in mind that the more fancy or formal the event is, the smaller the bag should be. For an evening event rather go for a clutch.

Make sure that your hair looks amazing and wear some makeup to look at your best at your friend or family's welcome party. We always recommend to keep your makeup more natural during daytime events. In the evening it can be more dramatic.

Pretty examples of welcome party outfits

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress for a welcome party

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