How to dress for a white party

Find here all information you need on how to dress for a white party! including gorgeous examples of white party attire and the best fashion tips on what to wear to a white party!

Rihanna is looking chic and sophisticated in this all white outfit. This outfit is great for a white party but be careful with the low neckline! Its not appropriate for every party and it only looks this chic on girls with a smaller cleavage. If you're doubting if its suitable, just raise the neckline up a bit.

  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  • Clutch: Asos
  • Necklace: Aglaée
  • Earrings: Miso

How to dress for a white party

Dressing for a white party might seem easy since you only have to wear white, but that doesn't mean you can wear just any outfit you like only for the color. When you are going to a white party and you wonder what to wear to a white party, the most important thing you have to consider is the kind of event and the location of the event before you're choosing your outfit. Most people don't wear all white that often but you will see that an all white outfit can actually look really chic! With the following tips you will look great at any white party!

  • As we already mentioned, the most important things to consider before you're choosing your outfit are the location and the kind of event. A white party on the beach requires for example other attire than a white party in a fancy hotel. Also for a more formal event like an all white wedding you're supposed to look more chic than at an all white birthday party in somebody's backyard.
  • Since you only wear one color, you can upgrade your look with different fabrics and models. For a more formal event that requires classy attire, go for an elegant cocktail dress in a dressy fabric like silk or satin.
  • For a more casual event you can wear something less chic but still cute. We love the fact that for a casual event almost everything is possible! look at the latest fashion trends. Cute pants, blouses, dresses and shorts, as long as it's appropriate for the event you can wear it.
  • Wear something that suits your body shape.
  • It often looks good if you combine different beautiful fabrics like a silk or organza blouse with a loose fitting or formal suit pants for a more formal look or a stretch denim pants for a more casual look. Combine this with a pretty blazer and you will look amazing!
  • Go for a white bag, the more formal the smaller. Large bags will always look casual.
  • Go for white, nude, or other light colored high pumps or open sandals, they look amazing under any party outfit! Metallic sandals can also look nice under a white outfit.
  • Adjust your accessories to your outfit. Better keep it simple and elegant for  a more formal look. It's best to have for example one accessory as your centerpiece and to keep the rest small or to leave it off. For a casual look you can express yourself more with cute earrings, bangles and necklaces, but don't overdo it to make sure that the accessories don't distract from your natural beauty.
  • Don't forget your hair and makeup! Go for a festive hairdo that suits your overall look. In the evening your makeup can be more dramatic than during the day. Click here if you wonder how to dress for a white party and you need some cute d.i.y. hairstyles.

Amazing examples of white party attire

We think that this white party dress worn by Vanessa Simmons looks super cute! It's the perfect outfit for a more casual white party during the spring or summer. 

  • Clutch: John Lewis
  • Shoes: Lulus
  • Bangles: Costume express

Kim Kardashion looks amazing in this fitted white cocktail dress, it really suits her feminine body shape! This dress can be worn to more formal white parties. 

  • Shoes: Brian Atwood
  • Earrings: Paul Costelloe
  • Clutch: Sondra Roberts
  • Nail polish: Essie, chinchilly

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