How to dress for an 80s party

Here you find the best tips on how to dress for an 80s party. We also include 80s party outfit examples! Dressing for an 80s party becomes a piece of cake because everything you need to know on what to wear to an 80s party you will find here! Check it out and be inspired to look funky!

What to wear to an 80s party

Most fashionistas agree that the 80s might be the worst fashion era of all times. Nevertheless dressing for an 80s party is a guarantee for a night of fun! Deciding on what to wear to an 80s party might seem difficult but we help you out. Apply these tips and you will be totally 80s proof for your dress up event.

Let yourself be inspired!

The best way to decide on what to wear to an 80s party is to let yourself be inspired by the main fashion icons of that time. The most influential female star of the 80s was by far Madonna. With het 'street urchin' look she inspired many girls to dress hot, edgy and a little crazy!

As we can see important features of 80s fashion are: loads of big beaded and crucifix necklaces, tight miniskirts and dresses that are worn over leggings or fishnet stockings.

If you want to have 80s hair, go for beachy curls with headbands or lace ribbons. A lot of rubber bracelets as well as fishnet gloves that were sometimes fingerless came into fashion.

Black was the preferred color in the 80s. Thanks to Madonna women started to wear brassieres worn as outerwear combined with cropped, short jackets.

Lace gloves and tulle skirts are also made popular by Madonna. Try to order a boytoy belt on the internet! a true fashion item of that time.

Some dazzling examples of 80s outfits

Another typical and very recognizable fashion item of the 80s are the shoulder pads. Wear them as 80s icon grace jones with leather leggings and high heels!

The last super fun 80s outfit we wanted to show you is the leopard with leggings. This outfit is crazy, comical and typical for the 80s! It is almost unbelievable that this really was in fashion at the time. Like Jane Fonda combine the outfit with a waist belt, slouch socks and sneakers. For an 80s party any color can be used, the brighter the better! A head band with some funky earrings finishes your look!

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress for an 80s party:

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