How to dress for the club

How to dress for the club is always the big question for a night out. You want to impress but in the club it's harder to stand out because everybody aims to look at their best. Your club outfit doesn't just has to be good, it has to be awesome, hot and stylish! If you follow this tips on What to wear to the club and check out these examples of outfits for a party you will look amazing on your upcoming night out!

The club outfit Victoria Justice wears screams rock and roll but is hot and charming as well! This leather skinny pants shows off her beautiful body. We think this outfit is a great outfit for the club.

  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  • Earrings: Pieces
  • Nail polish: Essie, Fifth Avenue
  • Clutch: Zara

How to dress for the club

  • Show some skin if you go to the club, but don't show it all at once if you want to look stylish. Choose to show your best parts and leave other parts to the imagination. The most obvious choice if you want to look amazing for a night out in the club is a short and form fitting dress. But a simple short skirt or a dark skinny jeans with a hot dressy top can also be an option.
  • Go for pumps with high heels! (Unless you cannot walk on them). They make you look super hot and it's easier to look over the crowd to check out if there are handsome guys around. If you have problems with painful feet after a night dancing make sure you bring some ballerinas in your bag for on your way back home.
  • Wear the dress in any color you want, but keep it simple and glamour up your look with fancy accessories. With a little black dress you're always safe and stunning.
  • If you bring a larger bag (for example to take your shoes in), leave it at the cloakroom. For your wallet and lipstick you can bring a clutch that matches your club outfit. You can also choose to let your shoes or clutch be in a bright color which gives you a more funky look.
  • If you wear a skirt with a top make sure that one of the two pieces is simple, so if you're wearing a skirt with ruffles or in a really bright color, go for a simple black top, and if you're wearing a simple skirt your top can be more showy.
  • If you're planning on dancing a lot, choose for fabrics where you can sweat in. If you know sweating can be a problem, don't wear polyester.
  • Your makeup can be more dramatic than during the day. If you wear a black club outfit a red lipstick can be a beautiful combination. Always wear waterproof eye makeup to prevent smudging. If you want to reduce smudging even more, just go for an eyeliner and mascara and leave the eye shadow. Last tip: If your eye makeup is more dramatic go for a more natural lip color or gloss and if you go for a louder color lipstick like red go for more natural eyes.

Some amazing examples of outfits for a party in the club

Kim Kardashian looks stunning showing off her beautiful legs in this little black dress! She shows off just the right amount of skin to look hot without having it all out there.

  • Shoes: Gianvito Rossi
  • Bangles: Valima
  • Earrings: Wolf and Badger
  • Clutch: Hobo Sadie

Here we see Kim Kardashian in another club outfit. She looks great and hot in this simple beige dress. Combine it with a chunky Egyptian style necklace like Kim did and you'll give your simple club dress extra spark.  You don't need any other accessories or you take the risk of overdoing it. Just use a chic coral lipstick for a natural and luscious look! 

  • Shoes: Ralph Lauren
  • Necklace: Boho
  • Nail polish: Essie, ballet slippers
  • Lipstick: Estee Lauder, spiced coral

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