How to dress hot

Follow this advice on how to dress hot and you will look super attractive on your upcoming celebration! Most of us girls like to flirt and to get the attention of the guys when they go out to party. But we do not want to look tacky. We give you the secrets of getting just the right amount of sexiness to have a fun, flirty and interesting night. But beware, with this tips on how to wear a hot dress or outfit and with this examples of hot party outfits, the guys will be hanging around you all the time. Make sure you can handle it!

Stacey Keibler knows how to dress hot! She has chosen to show off her amazing legs with a short fitted dress. The dress isn't to revealing but it is revealing enough to make one curious for more...

How to dress hot without looking tacky

Wear feminine clothes that suit your body shape, make sure all your best features are empasized and lay the attention on your curves.

Show some skin without showing everything. Guys are hunters, and seeing just a glimp of what is under there, invites then for the challenge to go out and see the rest. Make sure that the parts that you are showing are the parts of yourself that you think are the most beautiful. There are several ways to do this, here some examples:

  • Go for a dress with an open back and a high front.
  • Show off your legs by wearing a short dress but wear one with sleeves.
  • Wear lace where you can see parts through, outfits with lace are very hot party outfits.
  • Wear a dress that is covering but that is really tight to the body so that it lays the attention on your feminine curves.
  • If you think that you have beautiful shoulders then show them off with a shirt that falls down at one of your shoulders.
  • And last but not least, wear a dress or a skirt with a slit. Nothing is more hot than showing just that little part of your amazing legs!

There are a lot of colors that draw the attention of the guys, but the top most hot color is red, so when you're out to draw all the attention towards you, go for a steaming hot red dress and you can be sure the guys will be on your feet. Continue reading for more tips and secrets on how to dress hot!

How to wear a hot dress

Being hot is not only about the dress that you're wearing, it's about how and with what you are wearing it. The most attractive women are women who look confident. Even though we are all insecure about something don't show it if you want to look hot. Wear something that makes you feel hot and you will be hot. Wear your dress straight up and with confidence.

High heels are the most feminine shoes that make your curves come out even better, so if you want to look hot, wear high heels. Make sure you can walk on them cause nothing is more unattractive than a woman with high heels who isn't able to walk on them properly. It pays off to practice with them at home first.

Indulge yourself before you go to the party. Blow dry your hair, do your nails, treat your body with some luxury cream and don't forget you're make up. Make your lips look full with a red or pink lipstick, make your eyes look bigger and your eyelashes look longer. And don't forget your blusher since blushing women are really attractive.

And last but not least, smile! In the end smiling women are the most attractive women, because a smile demonstrates a sweet and happy personality next to your hot appearance.

You see, looking hot is just that easy! Simply apply these tips on how to dress hot and you will surely notice the difference! 

Some examples of hot party outfits

Show off your beautiful features and you will look even hotter than you already are! If you have a gorgeous back like Jennifer Lopez, make sure you have a dress with a low cut back. Red is also hot! With a little red dress like this that shows of your beautiful legs you will get all the attention you need for a comfort boost! Keep the dress simple and combine it with some heels and pretty accessories and you will look breathtaking!

Also a pants can look really hot, especially when you have a bottom like Maria Menounos! If you want to go for the most eye catching effect larger then choose for a leather one.

Megan Fox would already look hot in a garbage bag and she knows it! Lace and see-through fabrics are feminine and hot because it leaves something to the imagination of the guys. Wear tops and dresses with lace features where you can see some skin through. With a teaser like this they will always come back for more..

Relevant tips and ideas on how to dress hot:

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