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Are you going to attend an event with a specific party dress code for men? Then this is the right place for the information you need about dress codes. Dress codes are meant to provide clarity for the attendees about the required attire for an event. So, it's important to wear appropriate  attire. Here you'll find the answers of questions like what is evening wear and how do I wear black tie attire. With the given tips and pictures you'll look great on your upcoming event.

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What is white tie

The white tie party dress code is used at formal events and is one of the most formal dress codes there is.

How to dress white tie

Wear a black or midnight blue dress coat with silk facings, trousers with one or two stripes, a white cotton shirt, a white tie, black court pumps and black socks.

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What is black tie?

Black tie is less formal than the white tie dress code and is being used for social functions and evening events after 6 pm. 

How to dress black tie

Wear a tuxedo or black or midnight blue suit, a black tie, tuxedo vest, a white ‘tuxedo’ shirt, black leather shoes and long dark silk or woolen socks. Don't wear any accessories, besides  a pocket square.

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What is cocktail?

This party dress code used for all kinds of events and is less formal than black or white tie. With this dress code there is more space for your own interpretation as with more formal dress codes.

How to dress cocktail

Wear a mid grey or dark suit, with a tie, a plain shirt and leather shoes. A pocket square is optional.

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What is casual?

Casual is an informal party dress code and is used for all kinds of events. The casual dress code is supposed to be comfortable and should give you the ability to express yourself personally. The casual dress code gives you space to dress the way you like.

How to dress casual

Wear proper trousers or khakis with a nice shirt, a plain polo, t-shirt or a thin woolen V-neck sweater. Go for decent shoes. There are no rules according accessories, but keep it simple.

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What is semi formal?

Semi formal is a dress code that is being used for occasions that can be classified inbetween a formal and an informal event.

How to dress semi formal

Wear a suit and an matching shirt. A tie is optional. As footwear go for leather shoes. Wear long silk or woolen socks. Your belt must be in balance with the rest of your attire. Keep your accessories to one or two pieces.

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What is evening attire?

Evening attire are the kind of clothes that you wear to a black tie, or sometimes to a white tie event. It is less well defined than when a specific dress code is given. The good thing about this is that it gives you more space in choosing how to dress.

How to dress with an evening attire dress code

In most cases you're best off if you wear the same attire as you would wear to a black tie event. This means: a black tuxedo, a white shirt, a black tie and black leather court pumps.

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What is morning dress or jacquet?

The of the most official daytime dress codes is morning dress (also called jacquet). Morning dress is only being used for classic weddings and formal receptions at daytime.

How to dress \\morning dress

Men are supposed to wear a dark suit in formal occasions (the darker the better) with a (preferably white) shirt and tie for less formal occasions, like an outdoor summer wedding, your suit doesn't have to be necessarily dark and the color of your pants and jacket can be uneven.

What is New York Chic?

The New York chic dress code originated in the New York lifestyle since there is often not enough time to change clothes after work. There for you're supposed to wear a trendy outfit suitable for all occasions.

How to dress New York chic

With this dress code you have a lot of room to choose an outfit you like. You can wear almost anything you like, as long as it is trendy, looking good (and often expensive and made by designers). The expectations are high and nothing less then the best designer clothes are meant with this dress code. There are no rules according accessories but do wear some nice accessories that give your outfit something extra without overdoing it.

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