What is New York Chic?

Do you wonder what is New York Chic? Check out here the best party outfits and all information you need on how to dress for a party with a New York Chic dress code!

New York Chic dress code

The New York Chic dress code is a dress code that gives you a lot of freedom in choosing what to wear, so deciding how to dress for a party with this dress code is fun but can seem quite confusing. The dress code has its origins in New York City where people with a busy lifestyle choose one outfit that they can wear during the day to work as well as in the evening for a dinner or drink. One thing that is clear about this dress code is that one usually wears designer clothes that are quite expensive. If you're attending a party with a New York Chic dress code and you can't afford it you can choose to take out your wallet in the search for this fabulous designer dress and shoes. If you can't don't worry. We believe that you can look like a million bucks without having to spend a fortune on your outfit. With these tips you will definitely look amazing on your upcoming event:

  • If you lack the money to spent a lot on an outfit go to stores that offer designer looks for a reasonable price. Zara is my favorite one that offers clothes that make you look like you came straight from the runway. If you aren't good in combining a trendy outfit choose a runway look that you like for this occasion and try to replicate this look with pieces you'll find in the store. Nobody will notice and you will look great!
  • Keep your outfit simple and go for more natural and more expensive looking fabrics. If you, after these tips, still have no clue about what to wear you can always go for a simple black or white cocktail dress. They look amazing on everyone and you can possibly combine it with a refined jacket.
  • Always wear an outfit in the right size that is flattering for your body type. This will help you with looking at your best! Click here for more tips on how to dress for your body shape.
  • The right shoes and bag are an important part of your outfit. You can wear pumps, pretty ankle boots or heeled sandals. Just make sure that they look classy, trendy and match with your outfit. The more formal and the event is that you're attending the smaller you're bag should be. Go for smaller handbags and clutches if you're attending an evening event or dinner.
  • Don't forget to wear some accessories but don't overdo it. We often recommend to choose one centerpiece like an eyecatching pretty necklace or earrings and to keep the rest of your accessories really simple.
  • Make sure that you're hair looks amazing and wear some makeup. Keep it sophisticated. In the evening your makeup can be more dramatic than during the day.

Cute examples of New York Chic party outfits

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