What is casual for men?

Do you wonder what is casual for men? When you are attending an event and the party dress code is casual this gives you more space in deciding what to wear. The good thing about this is that you can express yourself better and that it's more comfortable to dress however you like. Some people feel good when they have the ability to express themselves but for others it's confusing and complicated. We will show you that choosing a nice casual outfit is easy! On this page you'll find any advice you need on how to dress casual. We also show you examples of casual attire to help you find the perfect casual outfits!

What is casual for men?

In principle everything is possible to wear when you have a casual dress code. The dress code is being used for all kinds of events and the key is that you have to adapt your casual attire to the kind of party you’re attending. If you’re going to a party in a chic hotel your outfit is supposed to be more formal than when you’re for example going to a party on the beach.

How to dress casual

Casual is a dress code that has different meanings depending of the kind of event you're attending. This means that you have to consider what kind of outfit is appropriate for the party. Keep in mind that a party in a more formal setting requires more fancy clothes than a party for example on the beach. Remember that a casual party never requires formal clothes so keep tuxedos, suits  and ties at home. 

Semi formal casual party

  • For a more fancy event choose a proper trousers or khakis. The khaki can be worn in any color you like.
  • Combine your trouser or khaki with a shirt, a plain polo or a thin woolen V-neck sweater.
  • Choose decent shoes that match with your party outfit. Try to avoid sneakers.
  • Wear a belt to give your outfit more flair.
  • There are no rules according to accessories. We recommend not to overdo your accessories. Keep it simple with a nice watch or a nice bracelet.
  • Even though you're wearing casual, you still attending a party so put effort in your outfit and appearance.

Casual casual party

  • For a casual party you can wear almost anything you like. But since your still attending a party don't appear in your daily or 'out-of-bed' outfit. Choose a nice T-shirt, polo, shirt or V-neck sweater instead.
  • Choose a nice khaki's or jeans.
  • As footwear you can choose sneakers or shoes. Don't appear with dirty shoes or sneakers.
  • You can wear a belt if you like.
  • There are no rules according to accessories.  In our opinion Less is More.
  • Because you're attending a party, make sure you look groomed. 

Examples of casual outfits

Relevant tips and ideas on what is casual for men:

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