What is evening attire?

Do you wonder what is evening attire after you've got an invitation with an evening dress code? We help you how to dress for a party! Just follow these tips and check out these gorgeous examples of evening attire and you will look breathtaking on your upcoming party!

This mint green floor length gown from Maria Menounos is so stunning! It is totally appropriate for an evening attire event with a dance and a dinner. combine your evening gown with matching accessories and shoes and wear glamorous jewelry as is shown here.

  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  • Earrings: Envy accessories
  • Bangle: Swarovski
  • Clutch: Toriska

What is evening attire?

The term evening attire refers to the kind of attire that you would wear to a black tie event. This means an evening gown. Because the term evening attire isn't as strictly defined as a certain dress code like black tie or white tie you have more space in deciding how to dress for a party with an evening dress code.

How to dress for a party with evening attire

  • The dress you should wear can range from below the knee to floor length. When the event consists of a dinner and a dance a floor length dress is ideal. Formal fabrics for dresses are silk and satin and darker colors will give your appearance more formality than lighter colors. The most important rule you have you keep in mind when you're choosing an evening gown is that you should wear attire that is flattering for your body shape otherwise even the most expensive gowns wouldn't do you any justice.
  • Combine your gown with a beautiful evening small evening bag that matches with the color of your gown. Never wear a jacket over your evening gown. Consider wearing a stole or let somebody drop you off in front of the door when it's cold.
  • Wear shoes with high heels, preferably open in a matching color with your shoes. there should always be an extra pair of stockings in your bag if you're wearing them.
  • Wear your most beautiful (not too fake looking) jewelry. If you wear bigger earrings don't also wear a necklace. if you're wearing a necklace make sure that it doesn't compete with the neckline of your evening dress.
  • Go for festive hair and makeup. A tip might be to let a professional do the job.

Some gorgeous examples of evening attire

Salma Hayek is looking like a femme fatale in this red evening attire! This Spanish beauty knows how to show off her figure in this dress that she combines with chandelier earrings, a bracelet and a matching bronze evening gown.

  • Earrings: polyvore
  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  • Clutch: Bowerbird vintage
  • Bracelet: Gilt

If your dress code is evening attire you can also choose to wear a shorter dress that is just over the knee like Rosie Huntington Whiteley does. Because of the dressy fabric and the beautiful model of the dress, and the combination with fancy accessories she still looks formal and perfectly appropriate for an event with an evening attire dress code. 

  • Clutch: Kikki London
  • Makeup: Dior incognito
  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  • Earrings: Talulla tu

Relevant tips and ideas on what is evening attire

  • If you are on a tight budget or you think that buying an expensive gown that you will only wear once is a waste of money than you might consider to rent a dress.
  • Is your husband or boyfriend attending you? Check out here what is evening attire for men!
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