What is semi formal for men?

What is semi formal for men? This dress code is often not well defined and most people get confused when semi formal attire is the required dress code for an event. This is because the rules for a semi formal event are not as strict as the rules for some other dress codes like black tie or white tie. A semi formal dress code gives you some more space for your own interpretation. There are a few misunderstandings among most men about how to dress semi formal. Semi formal is a dress code that is between formal and informal, so don't wear a tuxedo but above all:

Don't come up under dressed!  This means that jeans or khaki's are not appropriate for a semi formal event. So what do you wear to a party with a semi formal dress code? Dressing for these kind of events is actually really easy. Just apply the following tips and you will arrive in the right attire on your upcoming event.

What is semi formal for men

Semi formal is a dress code used for occasions that are between formal and informal. This can be a range of events like weddings or dinner parties at a fancy location. 

How to dress semi formal

  • For semi formal evening events you're supposed to wear a nice dark suit. If the event takes place at daytime a lighter suit is also optional. Make sure you always wear a jacket.
  • Combine your suit with a plain light shirt. 
  • A tie is optional. Don't choose a tie that is too loud.
  • Wear leather shoes in a color that matches with the color of your attire. Also wear plain dark colored socks.
  • Wear a leather belt also in a color matching with your attire.
  • For an accessory you might wear a watch, wearing more accessories might ruin your look, except for your wedding ring off course.

Examples of semi formal attire

Relevant tips and ideas on what is semi formal:

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