What to wear on Thanksgiving day

Do you wonder what to wear on Thanksgiving day? Then you're at the right place. Thanksgiving day is in most cases a family and friends celebration. Because everyone interprets and celebrates Thanksgiving in a different way, you need to know the settings of the gathering before choosing your outfit. With the given tips on how to dress for Thanksgiving for men and the pictures of Thanksgiving attire, you will look great on your upcoming event. 

How to dress for Thanksgiving for men

Thanksgiving is in most cases one of those cozy holidays where the main focus is catching up, eating together and having fun with family and friends. Thanksgiving can be held in formal, semi formal and informal settings, although semi formal and informal are the most common. It's therefore important to choose appropriate attire. 

Besides the formality you should also think of the weather on that day, the location, the people involved and the planned activities before choosing your Thanksgiving attire. What weather conditions are predicted for that day? Is the gathering held indoor or outdoor? Will you dine in a home or at a restaurant? Will there only be family or also friends and (potential) In-laws? Are there any activities planned? As you can see, all those factors can modify your choice of attire. 

  • The first thing to do is to find out what you need to know about the above given factors. Feel free to ask the hosts or other guests for more information. 
  • If the Thanksgiving gathering is formal you should wear a suit. Wearing a tie is optional. As footwear go for leather dark shoes. As accessories you can wear a watch, cuff links or a pocket square.
  • When the formality of the Thanksgiving gathering is semi formal you should wear a shirt and suit pants or khaki's. In cold weather conditions you can wear a sweater on top of your shirt. Wearing a jacket or a tie is optional. As footwear go for leather or suede shoes. Wear a matching belt. Keep your accessories to one or two pieces like for example a watch.
  • If the formality is casual you still need to dress up because you're expected to. Wear a shirt with khaki's or plain jeans. You can wear a  sweater on top of your shirt. As footwear we recommend shoes, not sneakers. Wear a belt. Don't overdo your accessories. Keep it simple. 
  • With all the food your attire can get dirty. If you know of yourself that you're one of those persons, wear dark attire. The dirt is less visible on dark attire. This can prevent embarrassing situations. 
  • Choose attire where you feel comfortable in. 
  • And last but not least: remember to thank God for the food! 

Examples of thanksgiving attire

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear on thanksgiving day:

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