What to wear to a Christmas party

Do you need information on what to wear to a Christmas party? Then you're at the right page. A Christmas party is by most people seen as a special occassion. Therefore people dress up for Christmas parties. Choosing an appropriate outfit is not difficult. Just follow our tips on how to dress for a Christmas party for men and you will be good to go. Also check out the selected pictures of Christmas party attire for more inspiration. 

How to dress for a Christmas party for men

Christmas parties are nice gatherings where family, friends and other guests come together to catch up, eat together and have a good time. A Christmas party can be held in formal, semi formal and informal settings. It's therefore important, especially at a more formal party, to choose appropriate attire to prevent embarrassing situations where you stand out from the other attendees with your attire. 

In most cases a Christmas party doesn't require a specific dress code. Also there usually isn't an invitation given. Nevertheless you need to know the formality of the party and the attire which is required before choosing your outfit. Finding out where the party is held and who the other invitees are can provide useful information. For example a Christmas party held in a restaurant requires other attire than a Christmas party held in someone's home and a party with your in-laws also requires other attire than with your friends. If you're not sure about the required attire, feel free to ask the hosts or other invitees for more information. 

  • The most common formalities at a Christmas party are semi formal and casual. Therefore the focus of this page is on these formalities. If the Christmas party you're attending is formal, like some office Christmas parties for example, then a dark suit is a good option. For more information on what to wear to an office Christmas party, click here.
  • We recommend you to wear a suit, suit pants or khaki's with a shirt and a sport coat, suit pants or khaki's with a shirt or, if the occasion is casual, Khaki's with a shirt or with a sport coat and t-shirt or polo. Wear for example a suit if your attending a Christmas party with your in-laws for the first time and wear khaki's and a sportcoat in combination with a shirt, polo or t-shirt if the Christmas party is held at your parents house with close family members. If you choose to wear a suit, you can always take off your jacket at the party for a less formal look.
  • Most worn colors for a suit, sport coat, suit pants or khaki's are black, navy blue, grey, khaki and brown in the evening. Go for a light colored shirt. 
  • If there are cold weather conditions predicted you can also choose to wear a V-neck sweater above your shirt. It's possible to wear a jacket above it. 
  • Wearing a tie is optional depending on the formality of the party. If you're doubting whether or not to wear a tie we recommend you to bring one with you in your pocket (if you're wearing a shirt). At the party you can choose whether to wear it or not. 
  • As footwear go for leather or suede shoes. 
  • Wear long dark socks made of silk or fine wool.
  • Don't wear too much accessories. Keep it simple with for example a pocket square and a watch. 
  • Make sure you look groomed and you're good to go!

Examples of Christmas party attire

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to a Christmas party:

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