What to wear to a ball

Do you need some advice on what to wear to a ball? You're on the right place. Here you'll find the best tips on how to dress for a ball for men so you will stand out among the other guests. A ball is a formal party. It's important to wear appropriate ball attire. You're expected to appear in a elegant and chic outfit. For more ball attire inspiration check out the selected pictures below.

How to dress for a Ball for men

A ball is a formal and chic party where every guest is expected to look groomed. It's important to dress appropriatly. The first thing to do is to check the invitation for a dress code. In most cases there will be a black tie dress code. If there is no dress code given you're best off wearing black tie attire, but also a black, a midnight blue or a navy suit can be acceptable, as long as you keep it classy. Click here and find all the information on different dress codes if there is another dress code given.

It's seems easy to dress up for a ball, but to really stand out between the other guest you must get the details right. That's what really counts. Pay attention to the following features:

  • First of all make sure you wear a good fitting suit. We recommend you to buy your own suit. Renting suits are mostly not good fitting suits and there will probably be more events in the future where you can wear your suit like weddings. The suit pants should be of a proper length. Pants that are too long give you slobby look.

  • As shirt wear a tuxedo shirt if you're planning to wear a tuxedo. If you're planning to wear a dark suit a plain white shirt is also appropriate. Wear a good fitting shirt. A too large shirt can ruin your outfit.
  • Wear a tie or bow tie.
  • The color of your ball attire must be dark.
  • Go for smart black leather and polished shoes. During the day you can also wear a pair of velvet slippers. We prefer leather black shoes.
  • Finish off you outfit with a nice accessory. You should think of a pocket square, cuff links or a tie pin. A printed pocket square can add something extra to your outfit. Make sure the pocket square is monochrome with your suit or tuxedo. If the dress code is black tie than a watch is not allowed.
  • It's important not to attempt to deviate the rules belonging to a formal party. Some men wear sneakers or t-shirt to in combination with a suit to get a younger, cool or different look. A ball is not the event to do this. Don't wear sneakers and t-shirts.
  • Just apply the tips given above and you will look great at your upcoming ball.

Pictures of ball attire

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