What to wear to a beach party in the evening

Here you will find all information on what to wear to a beach party in the evening! With great tips on what to wear to a beach party and examples of beach party outfits! Just apply these tips and let yourself be inspired and you will surely look dazzling on your upcoming beach party!

Tulisa is wearing a stunning peach maxi dress with a slit that is perfect for any beach party in the evening!

  • Clutch: Rebekka Minkoff
  • Necklace: Annie Costello
  • Bracelet: Beadazzle Boutique
  • Shoes: Pour la Victoire

How to dress for a beach party in the evening


  • To a beach party in the evening you should wear something casual but more dressy than what you would wear to the beach during the day. Go for soft thin flowy fabrics and seasonal colors. Think of skirts, dresses, loose pants with dressy tops or shorts. Show some skin but don't let it be tacky by showing it all at once. Always show off your best features like your amazing legs or shoulders.


  • Do not wear stilettos to a beach party but go instead for some beautiful open wedges or open sandals with thick heels.


  • wear some amazing jewelry that matches with your outfit.


  • If you take a bag make sure you take a smaller one like a clutch. A large one will look too casual for a party in the evening and it will be in the way when you want to dance.


  • For a beach party don't go for too heavy makeup. Often these parties are in the summer when you already have a beautiful healthy natural tan. Accentuate this by going for a young natural and peachy look with some peach or coral lip gloss and just some mascara or eyeliner.


Dazzling beach party outfits

We love this outfit that Zoe Saldana is wearing! Shorts and a loose jacket in the same print are totally into fashion these days and it looks amazing!

  • Earrings: Jewelry Wishes
  • Shoes: Zara
  • Nail Polish: Essie, Geranium
  • Bracelet: Pippa Small 

Nicole Scherzinger looks beautiful and hot in this short gold dress! This dress looks classy even though it is gold because of the material and the fact that the dress really complements her body shape.

  • Sandals Michael Kors
  • Nail Polish: Essie, cute as a button
  • Jewelry: Ippolata Rock

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to a beach party in the evening

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