What to wear to a beach party 

Do you need some tips about what to wear to a beach party for men? Perfect! Here you will find advice about the best beach party outfits. Do check the pictures, showing you different examples on how to dress for a beach party. Apply these tips and you will be ready to party!

How to dress for a beach party for men

A beach party is generally a casual event. This means that you're not supposed to dress too formal. But keep the kind of event in mind when choosing your outfit. For example for a beach wedding more formal attire is required than for an average beach party. (Click here for more information on how to dress for a beach party when you're attending a beach wedding). On this page we give advise on how to dress for a casual beach party.

  • The best colors for a beach party during the day are white, grey, blue or summer colors. Try to avoid wearing to much black. When the beach party takes place in the evening, go for more classy colors.  
  • As footwear you can best wear flip flops. Sandals are also acceptable, but don't wear them with socks.  When the beach party take places during the night, you can wear flip flops, sandals or summer shoes. If you wear shoes, don't wear them with long socks. 
  • During the day wear knee length shorts. Go for a swim shorts or a khaki shorts. In the evening you can also wear shorts but if it's chilly you can wear nice jeans or khaki's. Avoid the speedo. 
  • Combine your shorts with a matching t-shirt or a shirt. In the evening you can also wear a thin V-neck sweater when a t-shirt or a shirt is too cold. 
  • All accessories are acceptable for a beach party but don't overdo it. Nice accessories for a beach party are glasses, a cap, a watch or a bracelet. 
  • Take a towel and an extra shorts in case you are planning to take a swim. 

Examples of beach party outfits for men

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to a beach party for men:

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