What to wear to a black and white party

Are you looking for information on what to wear to a black and white party? Then this is the place to be! Here you can find all the tips you need on how to dress for a black and white party for men. Also check out the nice black and white part outfits for more inspiration. Apply our tips and you will look great at your upcoming event.

How to dress for a black and white party

A black and white party obviously requires black and white attire. There are a lot of possibilities for an appropriate outfit. The trick is to combine your white and black attire in a way so that it matches and stays classy. For example you can choose for an white outfit with black elements like a belt and shoes or choose for black and white printed attire. With having this many possibilities deciding what to wear to a black and white party can be confusing. With the tips given below, you'll be able to choose a great outfit for the party you're attending.

Formal Black and White Party

  • When the black and white party is formal, you can not wear jeans. Instead wear a suit pants. In some occasions khaki's can also be worn.
  • Wear a shirt. A jacket and tie are optional depending on the kind of event. 
  • The colors of your shirt and pants can be the same or different. Do make sure that it matches with each other.
  • As footwear go for leather shoes. Depending on your attire these can be black or white. For more chic events we recommend black leather shoes.
  • Wear long socks of silk or fine wool. Don't wear sport socks.
  • Do wear a belt that matches your attire.
  • Keep your accessories simple with one or a maximum of two pieces. Wear for example a watch or a nice bracelet.
  • Upgrade your attire by choosing elegant fabrics for a more classy look. Also make sure you iron your shirt and suit pants.
  • Wear perfume, do you hair and you're ready to go partying!

Casual Black and White Party

When the party you're attending is casual, you can wear almost anything you like, as long as your attire is black and white. Even though a casual dress code doesn't have strict rules, this doesn't mean you can arrive in your sport pants for example. If you're planning on looking good and on being noticed by the women (in a positive way!) you will put some effort in your party outfit.

  • Wear a nice plain shirt, t-shirt or polo. When it's colder a V-neck sweater or sport coat is also possible.
  • As pants you can wear black jeans or khaki's.
  • Go for sneakers or shoes that look nice and decent.
  • Complete your outfit by wearing some accessories. We recommend to not overdo your accessories. Keep it simple and elegant so that the focus is on you.
  • Experiment by combining your black and white attire but don't make it to difficult. For example, go for a white attire with black shoes, black belt or for a dark jeans with black shoes and a black t-shirt with white details.
  • Last but not least, make sure you look groomed!!

Examples of black and white party outfits

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to a black and white party for men:

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