What to wear to a black party

Do you want to know what to wear to a black party? This is the right place for all information you need on how to dress for a black party for men. Check out our tips and selected  pictures of black party attire, and you'll look great on any black party!

How to dress for a black party

The first thing you probably already know regarding your party outfit is the required color, which is black. The second thing you have to know before you decide on what to wear to a black party is the kind of event and the location of the event. Knowing the location and the kind of event will help you choose a suitable outfit. A black party on the beach for example requires other attire than a black party in a luxury hotel. Black parties can be formal, semi formal or casual. We will help you to choose the right black party attire. Just follow these tips and you'll look great at any black party.

Formal black party

  • Even though you're supposed to wear all black party attire , choosing an outfit isn't as easy as it might seem. Not all black outfits are appropriate for any black party. 
  • Then the black party is formal, wearing jeans is not done. Instead wear black suit pants. For a semi formal black party black khaki's can also be worn. 
  • Wear a black shirt. A jacket and tie is optional. 
  • As footwear you should go for black leather shoes. In some occasions like a formal black party at the beach or in a garden suede shoes are also appropriate.
  • You need long dark socks, usually of silk or fine wool. We recommend black socks. Dark grey or dark blue can also be worn.
  • Go for a black belt that matches with your shoes. 
  • Keep your accessories simple with one or a maximum of two pieces. Wear for example a watch or a nice bracelet.
  • Upgrade your attire by choosing elegant fabrics.
    Make sure you iron your shirt and suit pants.
  • Wear perfume, do you hair and your ready to go!

Casual black party

In general the main rule of a casual black party dress code is that you can wear almost anything you like as long as you wear black attire. But this doesn't mean that just look good in any black outfit. If you're planning on being noticed by the women (in a positive way) you still have to put some effort in your outfit.

  • You can wear a black shirt, t-shirt or polo. When it's colder a V-neck sweater or jacket are also possible.
  • As pants you can wear black jeans or khaki's. 
  • Go for dark shoes or sneakers as footwear. Even though the party is casual, make sure your shoes are nice and decent. 
  • We recommend black, dark grey or dark blue socks. 
  • There are no rules according to the appropriate accessories for a black party. We advise to keep your accessories simple with maximum 3 pieces. Nice accessories for a black party are a watch, a bracelet or a necklace.
  • Last but not least, make sure you look groomed!!

Examples of black party attire

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to a black party for men:

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