What to wear to a family party

Do you wonder what to wear to a family party? You're at the right place for the best party outfit ideas. Choosing an outfit for a family party is not very difficult. The good thing about dressing for a family party is that you can express yourself in your outfit. Besides that, you can never make a bad impression because you family already knows you and likes you the way you are. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't put some effort in your outfit and your appearance. You're still expected to look good and groomed. Follow our tips on how to dress for a family party for men and you'll be good to go. Check the different pictures below for more inspiration.   

Tips on what to wear to a family party

The first thing you should do when your attending a family party is to find out if the party is a formal or an informal event. For an average birthday party you're for example supposed to wear a different outfit than for a anniversary or graduation party.

The location of the event also gives you clues about the formality of your attire. If you're going to a party at home a more casual outfit is required than in a fancy restaurant. Never go in your average outfit you wear daily, especially when the event is formal. For the family members organizing the party it's good to see that you have put some effort in your appearance. With family parties it's always better to dress more formal than too casual. When you're wearing a suit or tie while the party seems to be less formal, you can always take of your tie or jacket. 

Formal family party

  • For more formal family events wear a suit or tuxedo. Always remember, the darker the suit the more formal you look.
  • Wear a plain shirt. Make sure the color matches with the suit or tie.
  • A tie is optional unless there is a dress code that requires one.
  • Choose leather shoes.
  • The socks should be dark, long and made of wool. Never wear sport socks.
  • Wear a belt.
  • Don't wear to much accessories. Keep it simple with a nice watch or bracelet. 
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Informal family party

  •  When the family party is informal, you can wear almost anything you like. Jeans can be worn, but if you're doubting because the event is somewhere in between formal and informal we recommend khaki's in any possible color.
  • Combine your pants with a shirt, a polo or a thin woolen V-neck sweater. A t-shirt is optional for the most casual family events.
  • Choose decent shoes that match with your party outfit. Sneakers are also possible. Make sure your footwear is clean.
  • A belt is optional. The belt can give your outfit more flair.
  • There are no rules according to accessories. We recommend not to overdo your accessories.
  • Last but not least, make sure you look groomed. Even though the event is casual, you're still expected to make a good appearance. 

Family party outfit examples

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to a family party:

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