What to wear to a formal dinner

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How to dress for a formal dinner for men

A formal dinner is a very elegant occasion with a luxurious touch. Formal dinners are seen as something special. Therefore guests are expected to dress accordingly. Most formal dinners come with an invitation. The invitation can tell you the tone of the occasion. Just like the location of the party. Formal dinner are mostly held at fancy locations with a classy atmosphere.

Usually formal dinners come with a dress code. The most common dress codes are black tie and white tie for the very formal dinners. When the invitation doesn't give a dress code, try to find out what the formality of the dinner is. When the formal dinner is less formal then the above given dress codes, then you should think of the dress codes cocktail or semi formal. Don’t hold back on the elegance.

  •  Wear a tuxedo or a dark grey, navy blue or black suit. Go for a white shirt.   A tie is optional depending on the formality of the occasion.
  • You can wear a belt and if the dress code is black tie a cumberband. Cumberbands are nowadays not so much worn anymore except at very formal occasions. The socks should be dark and made of silk or fine wool. 
  • As footwear you need black smooth shoes, traditionally patent leather court shoes (pumps). Nowadays highly polished or patent leather Oxfords are also often worn.
  • Don’t wear any accessories unless it's your wedding ring. At occasions with a white tie or black tie dress code, wearing a watch is seen as impolite. If you're sure that the occasion isn't that formal, you can wear a watch. Leave other supplementing accessories at home.
  • Make sure you look groomed.

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Examples of formal dinner attire

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to formal dinner

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