What to wear to a garden party

Do you have a garden party coming up soon? For advise on what to wear to a garden party you're at the right place! Here you will find the best tips on how to dress for a garden party for men. We also have collected nice garden party outfit pictures to inspire you in choosing your outfit. Just apply the tips and you will look great.

How to dress for a garden party

A garden party is in most cases a informal or semi formal event. This means that you're not supposed to dress too formal. The first thing to do is finding out what kind of event your attending. For a garden wedding for example more formal attire is required than for an average garden party. On this page we give advise on how to dress for a casual garden party and for a semi formal garden party.

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Semi formal garden party

  • For semi formal garden events you should wear a shirt. Go for a nice plain shirt. All colors are possible but lighter colors are preferable.
  • You can choose to wear a blazer that you can take it off at the party when the weather gets warmer.
  • Jeans will give you a too casual look for a semi formal garden party. Instead choose khaki's. All colors can be worn. Make sure that the color matches your shirt and blazer.
  • As footwear you should wear leather shoes or other decent shoes. Leave your sneakers at home. 
  • Wear a belt. 
  • Keep your accessories simple with a bracelet, watch or sunglasses at a sunny day . 
  • Also check the weather condition on the day of the party. When the expected weather condition asks for it, you might choose to bring your umbrella with you.

Informal garden party

  • Before choosing your outfit, check out the weather conditions on the day of the party. The weather on that day can have a big influence on your garden party attire.
  • When the party is informal, you can wear almost anything you like. Jeans can be worn, but if you doubting if your outfit is too casual go for khaki's. You can wear khaki's in any possible color. 
  • On top wear a nice shirt or a polo. A t-shirt is optional for the most casual garden events. When the garden party takes place in the evening, you can wear a thin V-neck sweater.
  • As footwear choose decent shoes or sneakers that match with your outfit. Make sure your footwear is clean. At a hot summer day flip flops or fashionable sandals are also acceptable.
  • A belt is optional.
  • There are no rules according to accessories. We recommend not to overdo your accessories. 
  • You can wear any color on a garden party. Wearing dark colors gives you a more formal look, especially in the evening.
  • Thin fabrics are great for a garden party. 
  • You can always take a stylish jacket with you, in case the weather gets colder.
  • And last but not least, make sure you look groomed. Even though the event is informal, you're still expected to make a good appearance.

Garden party outfit examples

relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to a garden party:

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