What to wear to a garden wedding

Do you want to know what to wear to a garden wedding? Then you're at the right place! Here you'll find the best tips on how to dress for a garden wedding for men. By applying these tips, you don't have to worry about your outfit. Also check our selected garden wedding outfits for more inspiration. Check it all out if you want to look groomed at your upcoming wedding event!

How to dress for a garden wedding

In most cases garden weddings are less formal then other weddings. Therefore there are often no strict rules according to the garden wedding outfits. Many different outfits can be worn.

Nevertheless it's very important to wear appropriate attire to the garden wedding you're attending. The first thing to do is checking the invitation. Invitations can provide useful information according to the required attire. Besides a possible dress code or formality, the invitation can also provide information like the location of the wedding and the day-part in which the wedding is held. If the wedding requires a specific dress code, click here and find tips and examples on what to wear to a garden wedding with a dress code.

Weddings that are held in the evening are in most cases more formal then weddings that are held during the day. If the wedding you're attending is formal, black tie attire or cocktail attire are the most worn.

Semi formal or casual garden wedding

  • Wear a suit. Mid grey or blue are the most appropriate colors for an evening garden wedding. During the day the suit can be lighter like light grey, cream or khaki. At the wedding you can choose to take your jacket off, for example for a more casual look. When the garden wedding is casual and held during the afternoon, wearing a sport coat instead of a suit is also acceptable but you must be sure that the wedding is casual otherwise you can be underdressed.
    Combine your sport coat with suit pants or khaki's. Never wear jeans to a wedding. 
  • Go for a light colored shirt if the wedding takes place in the evening. The color must match with your suit. White shirts are always a good choice. During daytime you can choose to wear a shirt or a white polo shirt. Don't wear a t-shirt even though it's summer.
  • Garden weddings are usually held in the summer in hot weather conditions. Therefore it can be handy to check the predicted weather conditions  for the day of the wedding. With this information you can take the type of fabric of your attire into account. In warm weather go for lightweight tropical wools or linen blended with cotton you can also go for silk-linen blend.
  • Don't wear a tie, unless you're sure that this is required. An option is to take the tie with you in your pocket, so you can decide on the wedding whether to wear the tie or not. 
  • Wearing a belt is optional.
  • As footwear choose leather dress shoes or suede shoes. Make sure that your shoes are clean. We recommend not to wear flip-flops even when the garden wedding is casual. Sneakers are not done.
  • The socks you're wearing should be long and made of silk or wool. The color of the socks have to be in balance with the rest of your outfit. Don't wear sport socks.
  • Don't overdo your accessories. Keep it simple with just one or two pieces like a watch or a pocket square. When you're choosing to wear a pocket square, make sure it matches with the color of your shirt.

Garden wedding outfits

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to a garden wedding for men

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