What to wear to a new years eve party

Are you looking for information on what to wear to a new years eve party? Then this is the place to be! New years eve is a special holiday and you're supposed to wear festive and fancy attire. Here you'll find the best tips on how to dress for new years eve including selected pictures of new years eve outfits. Check it out and you'll start the new year in style! 

How to dress for new years eve

Many men find it difficult to decide what to wear to a new years eve party. This is because new years eve parties usually don't have a dress code. Also new years eve parties come in different settings. They can be held at someone's home, in the club, at a chic location or outdoor, but wherever they are held they all ask for festive and fancy attire with a formal touch in it. Since new years eve parties celebrate the new year, why not also start the new year wearing your best outfit. Even if the new years eve party is held at home with only friends, do dress up. It doesn't matter if you're young or old. 

  • We recommend you to wear festive attire with a formal touch like for example a suit. You can choose to wear the jacket and suit pants in the same color or in different matching colors. If you're not planning to suit up, you can wear a jacket, shirt and khaki's. Don't you want to wear a jacket? No problem. Then wear a shirt, vest and suit pants or khaki's. Don't wear the suit or pants you normally wear to you work for example. Wear that special piece you reserve for special occasions. 
  • Wear a shirt. Go for a white or light colored shirt for a fresh look. If you are not planning to wear a jacket, you can also choose to wear a dark colored shirt like black or blue. 
  • As footwear go for leather or suede shoes. Most common colors are black and brown, just make sure they match with your attire. 
  • Wear long dark socks of silk or fine wool. 
  • New years eve parties are the perfect occassions to wear some formal pieces, like for example vests, skinny and bow ties. If you're not planning to wear a jacket, wearing a vest, bow tie or both still can give your outfit something extra. 
  • Finish off your outfit with a nice accessory like a watch, a pocket square or cuff links. Don't overdo you accessories. 
  • If the weather conditions are chilly don't wear a thick sweater. Instead wear a scarf. 
  • And last but not least, make sure you look groomed! Start the new year looking at your best.

New years eve outfits

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