What to wear to a party for men

Do you need some advice on what to wear to a party for men? Good, then you're at the right place! We can help you with looking great on your upcoming event. Here you we have collected the best examples of outfits for a party. Here you can also find here all information you need on how to dress for a party. Just apply these tips and you will look great on your upcoming event in your party attire! Also check out the parties in the navigation bar for more specific party fashion advice.

What to wear to a party for men: Have fun and dance

Every man wants to look good at a night out. To look good, you need to take a few simple rules in mind. The first and most important thing of all is probaby unneccesary to say but for some of us we will mention it anyway; keep yourself groomed! Basically this means that you have to look and smell clean. Put some effort in your hair, trim your beard and make sure your breath smells fresh. Because you never know what the night may bring. No girl will look at a man who appears at a party looking like he just woke up under a bridge. A groomed appearance makes a better impression.

Secondly your outfit. Our main rule according to your outfit is to keep it simple! Cliches don't come out of nothing and this also counts for the expression 'less is more'. Often simple jeans, a nice t-shirt or blouse and matching shoes are enough for a casual party. Do make sure that you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear and use as much natural and breathing fabrics to avoid sweating. Wear your outfit with confidence. Check our club outfit tips and you'll be ready to have fun and dance!

Tips and ideas:

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    What to wear to a party for men: formal celebrations

    When you're attending a formal event, check first if there is a given dress code. Often formal events require one. If there is no dress code, try to find out how formal the event is. A very formal event like a wedding in a chic setting requires a different attire then a formal event like a garden wedding or an office party.

    For a higly formal event like a wedding in a chic setting you're supposed to wear a dark suit in a basic color. The black tie dress code is the most worn to formal weddings, so if you wear this you're always save. If you wear a suit with a necktie, make sure that your necktie is in the same colortone as your suit or as your blouse. Combine your suit with matching leather shoes and wear dark socks. 

    A less formal party, like a garden wedding, gives you more outfit options. You can wear a suit in any neutral color with or without a (neck)tie. It's elegant if you wear a tie that is in the same colortone as your suit or blouse. Combine your suit with leather matching shoes and dark socks. You can also wear khakis with a basic blouse and classy leather or suede shoes.

    It's necessary to put some effort in your appearance. Make sure you always show up groomed. 

    Tips and ideas:

    • If you're not sure about what to wear to a formal event just call the host(ess), she will be more than glad to inform you what kind of party attire is desirable. Also you can ask your friends what they are wearing.
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    What to wear to a party for men: Family celebrations

    Family parties come in different settings. Before you get dressed for a family celebration, try to find out how formal the event is. Family parties can be formal, semi formal and casual depending on the event.

    If the family party is casual like a birthday party you can come in khaki's or jeans. Wear this with clean shoes. On top a nice t-shirt, shirt or V-neck/Crewneck sweater will do. Even though the event is casual, do some effort to look good. This will make a good impression on your family members.

    If the event is formal like a wedding, best wear a suit. During the party it's possible to take of your jacket. An important rule for a family party is that when you're closer related to the celebrating family member, you're supposed to look more formal. Don't forget to wear smooth classy shoes. 

    For a semi formal event like a wedding anniversary, you dont have to dress formal but jeans are certainly not done. You'll best pull it off with a khaki and a shirt. As footwear go for leather or suede shoes. 

    Go for an outfit that shows your personality.  Make sure you feel confident and comfortable in whatever you're wearing.

    Tips and ideas:

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    What to wear to a party for men: Flirt and hook up

    Men all like to look good for the girls. And we girls love guys that look good. So, wear your best outfit if you want to flirt and hook up at a party. Here we summarize the do's and dont's:


    • Do be groomed, clean and wear your best perfume.
    • Do put some affort in your hairstyle and trim your beard.
    • Do wear good fitting clothes.
    • Do wear clean shoes and boxers. 
    • Do wear one eyecatching accessory, like a watch or a bracelet.
    • Do dress appropriate for the formality of the event.


    • Don't overdo your perfume.
    • Don't wear bling bling accessories.
    • Don't wear clothes that are to wide or to tight.
    • Don't wear attire with large brand names printed on it.
    • Don't show off that you have a lot of money. 
    • Don't wear fabrics that show sweat.

    Remember that being confident is more important for girls than your attire. So stand straight up, be a gentleman, enjoy your evening and all attention of the girls will be yours.

    Tips and ideas:

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