What to wear to a party

Wonder what to wear to a party? We believe every woman can look stunning. The secret is to find the perfect party attire that suits the occasion and makes you look at your best.

There are a lot of different kind of parties and a lot of reasons to go to them. For every reason and every celebration different kind of party outfits are needed. On this page we advise you on the four most common sorts of parties and reasons to go to them. Just apply these tips and you will look fabulous on your upcoming event! If you're looking for fashion advice on more specific parties than check out the parties in the navigation bar.

What to wear to a party: Have fun and dance!

One of the main reasons (and most important) reasons women go out is to dance and to have fun. If this is the case, make sure you wear a fabric where you can sweat in. It's always easier to dance when you're wearing pants. You can for example combine a skinny jeans with a fancy top. another benefit of this outfit is that you have pockets where you can put your money and lipstick in.

This night of dancing and having fun can also be the perfect occasion to wear that cute new dress. Dresses are hot and feminine party outfits and when you go out to dance in for example a club, it can be one of the few places where a shorter dress is perfectly suited. (Beware for crazy dance moves cause you don't want to show your undies to the rest of the world).

Because you often don't have the advantage of pockets when wearing a dress, instead of putting everything in your bra you might consider bringing a clutch. Some of these little handbags you can hang over one shoulder so they don't bother you while dancing. you have them in all sorts and sizes but make sure they match with your party attire.

Whatever outfit you may choose, pumps will always be the most fancy shoes for a night out, especially when you're wearing a dress. Some girls have trouble dancing on high heels and might consider wearing wedges or ballerinas. In the end feeling confident and comfortable is always more important.

A little black dress like Leighton Meester wears here is perfect for a night out! Combine it with some eye catching bright colored shoes and some funky earrings to make your outfit even more fun!

  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  • Nail polish: Nails inc. carnaby street
  • Clutch: Maisha
  • Earrings: My Theresa

Tips and ideas:

  • Bring some ballerina's with you and leave them at the cloakroom. if you get painful feet you can switch over to more comfortable shoes.
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What to wear to a party: Formal celebrations

Wonder what to wear to a party when you go to a formal celebrations? for formal celebrations often a dress code is required. If there is no dresscode described in the invitation don't take the risk of being under- or overdressed and go for a flattering cocktail gown. Make sure the gown suites your body shape and combine it with some cute pumps (possibly open) with small heels and a low sole.

If you're planning on bringing a bag, go for a small one. The smaller a bag is, the more formal it looks. the bag, as well as your shoes have to match with the color of your oufit.

Megan Fox looks great in everything! This cobalt blue dress makes her look stunning and it is a good example of a formal dress that can make you look appropriate for any formal event. The dress is simple but elegant and in a great color and shape. It can be glamoured up with accessories.

  • Nail polish: Dior incognito
  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  • Clutch: Azzaro
  • Earrings: Jon Richard

Tips and ideas:

  • If you're not sure about what to wear to your formal occasion just call the hostess, she will be glad to tell you what kind of party attire is desirable.
  • For more information and pictures of formal party attire and dress codes click here or find your specific dress code in the navigation bar.

What to wear to a party: Family celebrations

Do you want to know how to dress for a party with the family? Luckily family celebrations are the easiest celebrations to get dressed for. This is because your family already loves you the way you are. For your family it's important to see that you are doing well and your party outfits also play a role in achieving this. So, wear something that makes you feel confident and shows your personality. Stay natural, Keep that revealing dress at home and go for a more cute or sophisticated look

Adapt to the situation. When you're going to a more formal party don't appear in your jeans but put some effort in your outfit. If you are going to a party where it's someone else's birthday or graduation party try to look pretty without being in the center of attention.

And don't forget: your most beautiful accessory is your smile, so enjoy the presence of your loved ones and everything will be all right.

Rachel Bilson's outfit is great for a casual family party during summer. It is easy to upgrade your outfit with eye catching shoes and accessories as is done here!

  • Bag: Hermes Kelly
  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  • Necklace: Created by chicks
  • Earrings: ?

Tips and ideas:

What to wear to a party: Flirt and hook up

We girls know that it's not only the boys who go out to party just to hook up with the girls. Most of us girls love to flirt and to get the attention of the guys when going out. Finding outfits for a party when you're planning on hooking up can be a fun and interesting challenge. Your main goal should be: dressing hot without looking tacky.

Wear a feminine and hot dress that flatteres your curves and go for high heels. To prevent your outfit from becoming too tacky, try to show some skin but don't show it al. Leave something to the imagination of the guys. This means for example that if your dress is really short, you can shoose to keep your cleavage covered. Another example is a dress that is higher at the front but has a really low open or lace back. The most important we should keep in mind is: wear something that makes you feel confident and gorgeous because a confident woman is a attractive woman. By following this few rules you will be ensured of an exiting night. But make sure you can handle it, cause this night you will attract the guys like honey attracts the bees.

The fact that this outfit doesn't show off all parts of Jennifer's body actually makes it extra seductive. All attention get's drawn to her beautiful legs due to the split. Red is one off the most hot colors to wear because it turns all eyes towards you!

  • Lipstick: L'Oreal color riche
  • Shoes: D'orsay
  • Earrings: H&M
  • Clutch: My Theresa

Tips and ideas:

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to a party:

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