What to wear to a pool party

Do you wonder what to wear to a pool party? We have collected some good tips on how to dress for a pool party for men. Follow our tips and you will look great on your upcoming pool party. For more inspiration for your pool party outfit, check out the pictures we have selected for you.  

How to dress for a pool party

  •  The best attire for a pool party are knee length shorts. If you're attending to swim than swim shorts are the best choice. If you're not planning on swimming, khaki shorts or denim shorts are also good options. Avoid the tight speedos. 
  • Combine your shorts with a matching t-shirt or a tank top.
  • The best colors for a pool party outfit are white, grey, blue and bright summer colors. Avoid wearing all black, it is hot and it is not a summer color.
  • As footwear you can best wear flip flops, because it's easy to take off and your footwear can become wet.
  • Don't forget to bring a towel and some dry underwear for when you are getting out of the water.
  • There are no rules according to accessories. Sunglasses are of course the perfect accessory for a pool party and a cap is also nice. Other accessories for a pool party could be a bracelet or a surfer style necklace that doesn't get ugly when it gets wet. Don't overdo your accessories.
  • It doesn't make any sense to go for a stylish hairstyle if you go in the water anyway, so go for a natural look.
  • Don't forget to put on some sun block to protect yourself against the sun. It is bad for your skin if you don't wear it and you do not want to look like a cooked lobster at the end of the day.

Pool party outfit examples

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