What to wear to an 80s party

Are you having a hard time considering what to wear to an 80s party? Deciding how to dress for an 80s party for men might seem difficult but is actually very easy. Here you will find the best tips you need to be able to choose your own 80s outfit. Also we have gathered some pictures of 80s party outfits. Apply the tips given below and you will look 80s proof on your upcoming event!

How to dress for an 80s party for men

80s parties are a guarantee for unforgettable moments full of fun. The fashion era in the 80s is by many people seen as the worst of all time. Moderation was unknown in the 80s. There was no room for class or subtleness. Everything had to be oversized and overdone. The more color, volume, bling and abundance the better. So don't skimp or hold down on your outfit. Instead go all the way. The crazier the better. 

What to wear to an 80s party

  • Wear baggy ripped jeans, corduroy pants, leather pants or MC Hammer pants. The pants can be in any color although pants where mostly black. 
  • Go for a colored tight t-shirt on top of the pants. The t-shirt can be of any color you like. The tighter and brighter, the better. 
  • As jacket you should wear a leather jacket or a denim jacket. Especially leather jackets where worn a lot in the 80s. 
  • Wear sneakers as footwear. 
  • The most important piece that makes an outfit a 80s outfit are the accessories. First of all you need some bling. Wear gold chains and notable jewelry. Also wear a gold earring. Other accessories you can wear to a 80s party are colored braces, gloves and last but not least sunglasses. 
  • In the 80s it was popular for men to have a funky hairstyle, mostly long layered hair. You can choose to wear a wig for a total 80s look. The wig can be in any color. After all, it's all about being overdone. 
  • Your 80s costume is now complete. You are ready for a crazy night full of fun moments. 

Pictures of 80s party outfits

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