What to wear to an engagement party

Having a hard time deciding what to wear to an engagement party? Then you're at the right place. Engagement parties are very special. Therefore it is important that you dress appropriately. With the information given below it should be easy to choose your engagement party attire. Just apply the tips on how to dress for an engagement party for men and check out the pictures and you will look great at you upcoming event.

What to wear to an engagement party

Engagement parties are parties held to celebrate a couple's recent engagement and to give the guests an opportunity to get to know one another. Engagement parties can range from simple get-togethers in someone's home to high class events at chic locations. When people host an event at such a place, they want to create a certain atmosphere. If you're invited to an engagement party it is important to dress appropriately. You don't want to end up drawing the attention of everyone to yourself because you look out of place in your outfit. 

Most engagement parties have a dress code to make the party more stylish and classy. Usually the dress code is given on the invitation. If the party has a dress code then your options according your attire are limited to the rules of the specific dress code. Click here for more information on what to wear to a engagement wedding with a dress code

If the invitation doesn't provide a dress code the invitation still gives hints on what to wear to an engagement party. The first things you need to know is the formality of the party, the location and the day part in which the party is held. A party held in a chic hotel requires more formal attire then a party at home, just like a party held indoor or during the evening also requires more formal attire than a party held outdoor or during the afternoon.

How to dress for an engagement party

  • Wear a suit if the engagement party is formal, held during the evening or located a chic location. Go for a dark colors like midgrey or navy blue. Wear a suit or a sportcoat combined with suit pants if the party is less formal, held during the afternoon or located outdoor. Go for lighter colors like grey, blue or beige. At the party you can take your jacket off for a less formal look. 
  • We recommend to wear a plain shirt. Choose a lighter color for a fresh look. If you are sure that the engagement party is casual you can also wear a plain t-shirt in combination with a khaki's, a suit or a sport coat and suit pants. 
  • Wearing a waistcoat is optional.
  • Wear a tie if the engagement party is formal. In other cases wearing a tie is optional. If you are doubting whether to wear a tie or not you can choose to bring the tie with you to the party to decide during the party whether to wear it or not. 
  • As footwear go for leather or suede shoes. Make sure that the shoes go with the suit. 
  • Wear long dark socks. Don't wear sport socks. 
  • Wearing a belt or braces is optional. 
  • There are no rules according to the accessories for a engagement wedding. Nevertheless we recommend not to overdo it. Keep it simple. Examples of appropriate accessories are a watch, a pocket square and cuff links if the engagement party is formal. 
  • At engagement parties you don't need to look extravagant. Rather be yourself, wear appropriate attire and enjoy the day. 

Pictures of engagement party attire

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to an engagement party:

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  • No matter how informal the engagement wedding is, wear something presentable yet in style as you are going to celebrate the approaching marriage of the hosts.



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