What to wear to an outdoor wedding

Do you wonder what to wear to an outdoor wedding? Here you will find the information you need on how to dress for an outdoor wedding for men. Outdoor weddings come in different setting. It can be in a garden of at the beach, during daytime or in the evening. This means that you have the venue and weather conditions into account when choosing your wedding outfit. With our tips and pictures of wedding outfits you will have the information you need to look good on your upcoming wedding party.

What to wear to an outdoor wedding

Since outdoor weddings are often less formal than other weddings there are in most cases no strict rules according to outdoor wedding outfits. Therefore many different outfits can be worn. Because of this deciding what to wear to an outdoor wedding can be very confusing. For useful information according to the required attire the first thing to do when deciding what to wear to an outdoor wedding is checking the invitation. Invitations can provide information like the location of the wedding, the day-part in which the wedding is held and sometimes the dress code or formality of the wedding. Weddings that are held in the evening are in most cases more formal then weddings during the day. The weather conditions in the evening can also be different than in the afternoon. Outdoor weddings can be formal, semi formal or casual. So, if you don't know what to wear to an outdoor wedding, this information gives you an idea of the required attire.

  • Most outdoor weddings are semi formal or sometimes casual. In the wedding is formal or if there is a specific dress code required then this will be written on the invitation. Click here for more information on how to dress for a wedding with a dress code.
  • When no dress code is given for an outdoor wedding often a semi formal outfit is the best option. A semi formal outdoor wedding call's for a suit as outfit. With a suit you make sure you don't appear under dressed at the wedding. You can wear a lighter colored suit like light gray or beige at an outdoor wedding during daytime. Evening weddings call for darker colors.
  • If the wedding is more casual you can also wear a sport jacket with pants, suit pants or khaki's with a shirt. Never wear jeans! Even if the wedding is casual you're still attending a wedding which is a special celebration where you need to dress up for.
  • Go for a light colored shirt for a more fresh look of your outfit. A white shirt is always a good choice. 
  • With the different weather condition in which an outdoor wedding can be held, it's important to consider the type of fabric of your shirt and suit. In the summer for example, wear light weighted tropical wools, linen blended with cotton or silk-linen blend.  
  • A tie is optional. If your not sure about wearing a tie, bring the tie with you in your pocket and decide on the wedding whether to wear your tie. If you're planning to wear a tie, choose a tie that gives your outfit extra flair. 
  • Wearing a belt is optional. 
  • Go for long socks of silk or wool. 
  • As footwear you can wear leather shoes or suede shoes. Unless the ceremony takes place at the beach, don't wear flip-flops. During the night, even at a beach wedding, flip-flops are not done. 
  • The only appropriate accessories to wear are a pocket square and watch. An exception is off course a wedding ring if you have one. Cuff links should only be worn at formal weddings. Leave other accessories at home. 
  • Make sure you look groomed and that you have fun at your upcoming event.

Examples of outdoor wedding outfits

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to an outdoor wedding for men

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