What to wear to Halloween

For information on what to wear to Halloween you're at the right place! Halloween is a popular holiday which is increasingly celebrated by people around the world. Halloween is the night the souls of the dead return to the earth. This makes Halloween creapy and spooky. You're expected to wear a creapy or funny costume. Read our tips given below for some Halloween costume ideas and check our pictures on how to dress for a Halloween party!

How to dress for a Halloween party

Dressing up for Halloween is easy and should be a lot of fun. It's all about your imagination and creativity. There are no strict rules according to your halloween attire so you can make it as wild and creative as you like. 

  • You should wear a costume to a Halloween party. Spooky costumes are the most worn, like for example costumes of vampires, monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, zombies, evil clowns and sadistic doctors. Nowadays funny costumes are also much worn. Some examples of funny costumes are popular characters from fiction, princes and princesses, firefighters, police officers and many more. 
  • Don't show up with just a white blanket over your head with two holes to look through. Instead, put some effort in your appearance. You can for example wear makeup to strengthen your halloween costume. By wearing makeup you can add that finishing touch. 
  • If you don't want to wear makeup, you can also choose to wear a mask. This definetely makes you look more scary instantly! Make sure the mask or makeup matches with your costume. All depending on the kind of concept that you're creating.
  • Nice makeup details you can add besides your face makeup are bloody open fake wounds and scars. This makes the creepiness of your appearance bigger. 
  • You're free in wearing the accessories you want. We recommend you only to wear accessories that contribute to your appearance. You should think of wigs, vampire or other unnatural looking teeth, skeleton gloves, scary contactlenses, etc. 
  • If your goal is to freak people out, go for extreme adjustments. Accessories like knifes and other pieces that come out of your body or missing body parts can create that effect. 
  • Try to be original. You don't want to wear the same costume as other attendees. 

Halloween costume ideas

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to Halloween:

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