What to wear to the club

On this page we provide for you all information for men on what to wear to the club. Here you also find great examples of outfits for a party. So, If you wonder how to dress for a party this is the place to be! Often when you go to a party in the club a dress code is not required. This makes dressing for the club not an easy task. You cannot show up in your ordinary clothes, you must dress up. With the tips below we make it easy for you. Apply them and you will look great on your night out!

What to wear to the club 

There are some simple rules men should keep in mind if they want to look good at the club. An import rule is to keep your outfit simple. Especially if the party is casual. Good fitting jeans with a shirt or t-shirt and stylish shoes are in most cases enough. Make sure you feel confident and comfortable in your outfit.


  • Do make sure you are groomed, nice smelling and trimmed. If you want to make a good impression on the girls this is a must! If you don't look or smell clean, no girls will come to talk to you, despite of your stylish outfit.
  • Do put some effort in your hair.
  • Do keep your accessories simple. Wear a nice watch, a silver or leather bracelet and a plain leather belt machting with your outfit.
  • Do make sure your shoes are clean. Wear your special shoes at the club.
  • Do wear a good fitting jeans. Make sure that the trouser legs are not too tight, too wide, too short or too long. This ruins your whole outfit.
  • Do wear a shirt, a t-shirt or a simple thin V-neck/Crewneck sweater. 
  • Do choose breathing, natural fabrics to avoid sweating.


  • Don't wear clothes that are to tight or to large. It makes you look like you don't have a clue about fashion.
  • Don't wear a t-shirt or blouse with large brand names printed on it. It isn't classy and you don't want to look like a show off.
  • Don't wear hot sweaters or sweaters with a hood on a party. This is not done.
  • Don't overdo your accessories. Avoid to much bling like big golden or silver necklaces, fake diamonds and men bags.

Some amazing examples of outfits for a party in the club 

Relevant tips and ideas on what to wear to the club

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